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Social Hierarchy in Schools – Vive le Petit Revolution! – Written By You

What does ‘social hierarchy in schools’ mean? It means the status of each person in the school.
You know how some kids are the ‘cool kids’ and some are the ‘nerds’ or the ‘geeks’. The hierarchy means the levels of ‘cool’. Our contributor Madeleine decided it was time to shake things up a bit.

I hate the social hierarchy in schools.  Firstly, if, like me, you’re at the bottom, you simply are not acceptable in civil society. You’re excluded from most conversations in the class, and the only reason anyone ever speaks to you, is to ask you if they can copy your science homework. They then hand you their book, as if you’re nothing. 


I’ll never forget when my very good friend Mwamba and I were chatting together in the playground, back in that utopian world of primary school. The big group were talking about something trivial and boring, but said it was ‘secret’. 

 As I was going over, Mwamba grabbed my arm and said, with a wistful smile, ‘No, Maddy- we are not worthy of the cool group.’


I’ve never forgotten that. 


Though instead of being bitter, there’s something else we can do. On the train last Monday, I realized, that what I had on my spirits was not just the Monday blues. I knew what I felt, was resignation to my eternal slavery to the cool group.


I didn’t want to be in there little cabal in order to have some sort of social standing; but I didn’t see any other option.

‘Unless,’ I thought, ‘I start up a passive rebellion against all rude, stupid, ignoramuses that are in my class.’


I knew it was an idea- but how to put it into action? And how not to hurt the girls in the cool group that are actually nice?’


It turned out to be simple. When we were evaluating an our end of term reports; the teacher asks us if there’s ‘anything she can do for us to make us happier at the school, and how does that link in with our PSHE topic of ‘rights and responsibilities?’


Normally we sit back and let the aristocrats tailor the school to their liking- but I put up my hand.


The class looked at me like I’m something out of telly-tubies, ‘Oh, dear God, what’s Maddy doing now?’



‘Please, Miss- I think I’d like it if……’


O.K, so we’re definitely not the new Jean Valjeans. But maybe all those leaders out there can now lead the rising, with the motto;

‘Vive le petit revolution!’   



Hello; My name is Madeleine, and I’ve been story-telling since I was four. My hobbies are Writing, baking, and bird watching. It works out quite well, as when you’re writing, and you need inspiration, just look out the window, and there’s feathery friend to help you write- what’s more cup-cakes help when you’re in need of a snack!

 My favourite colour is silver, and my all time favourite food is-BURGRS. My eating habbits are not very cultural at all- but it fuels the brain:-)

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  1. 1

    You know what Maddie? I was the same. It was only years later that I realised it was far cooler to not be part of the cool group, and not be told what to think and who to like.

  2. 2

    Madeleine, congratulations on your common sense and strength!

  3. 3

    If there only there were more people who have the brains to ignore the snobbery of the elite ‘cool’ kids. Good job!

  4. 4

    I know how you felt with the ‘cool-‘ group and I like the way you had the corage to stand up against it! It’s horrible the way kids are always forming groups and excluding the others, but most girls are too scared to sink even lower and would never find the courage to say it!
    Well done!

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