Poetry By You

The Ways of Water – A Poem

A tempest of water,
 thrashing at my face
A trickling stream,
enjoying lazy days
A vast ocean,
Dancing in the breeze
A silent pond
Encased by reeds
A night-time’s storm
Lashing on the window pane
A little girl
Dancing in the rain


Poetry By You, Written By You

A Poem – Sadness is a Storm

This poem was sent to us by one of our talented young readers, 14 year old Rebekah.

Sadness is a storm.

A clap of thunder,

As you howl and wail,

Yet through it all,

You still prevail.

Nothing withstands

The heart of the tempest.

Ominous clouds loom,

Lightning flashes.

Light still gets through.

It gives you a glimpse,

Of hope pure and true

All’s well once more,

With the subsiding of the storm.



Poetry By You, Written By You

A Poem by Amber – Written by You


I’m Amber and I’m 14 years old. I love reading, writing, drawing and basically anything creative! When I’m older I want to be a freelance journalist – I think that would be quite fun! I like reading YA and my favourite authors are Suzanne Collins, J.K Rowling, Luisa Plaja and Cathy Cassidy.

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