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When Kids Want to Learn a Musical Instrument

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Do you want to learn a musical instrument? Or maybe your parents would like you to start lessons and you aren’t sure. Iona loves listening to music and making music. Here’s her advice to kids who want to learn a musical instrument.

Music has been enjoyed all over the world ever since there have been people to sing! Many ancient scrolls and paintings show musical instruments. King David played the harp to please Saul and sang to please God. Emperor Nero reputedly played the viol, an early string instrument, while Rome burned.

Nowadays, most popular music is electronic, although people still play musical instruments, and music is a popular lesson in schools. Some of the most popular musical instruments are piano, clarinet, violin, flute, recorder, and guitar, although many people play different instruments.

Why I like music

I like listening to most kinds of music, from classical and folk, to pop music and jazz. I enjoy letting the music wash over me, and the tingle I get when a particularly moving harmony reaches my ears. I love bouncing around to an energetic song, and almost weeping in sympathy to a sad, emotional one. I get a thrill from making music with other people. I am a member of a brass band, a jazz collective, and a community choir, all of which are great fun. I have made new friends, learned new pieces of music, and new skills, but above all, I love the atmosphere and the lovely sounds we make.


My own music

I am an aspiring singer, and I find other people’s work enthralling, and interesting, but I also write songs of my own. I find it a useful outlet, and write songs when I am going through a time of emotional upheaval. I write songs about love, hate. Pain, friendship, and even any charities that interest me at the time. I also create parodies of popular songs. I find my songwriting therapeutic, and also a source of relief from inner turmoil.


What you can do

There are many bands, orchestras, and music groups that need more players and followers. There are community choirs and more professional choirs for the more ambitious. Instruments are easy to come by, and most can be self-taught. But even if you don’t want to play or sing, you can still enjoy the music without putting any work in. You can go to concerts, buy CDs, you can buy music for phone, tune into music stations on the radio. You can even join a dance group to get really into the music. So go on! Get out there and enjoy some music!


My name is Iona. I want to be a journalist when I grow up.
I wrote this as an assignment for my English iGCSE which is like a normal GCSE, but for Home-educated children and children of expatriates.
I had to write about my hobby for a youth magazine.



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