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5 Top Tips to Organise Your Life

Do your parents complain because your bedroom is untidy? Or maybe it annoys you, but you just aren’t naturally organised. You can train yourself to be tidy, and organise your life!

Write it Down


Never forget another homework assignment, or dentist appointment. While most of us now have calendars on our smartphones, there is something to be said for a proper paper diary. Get into the habit of checking it when you come home from school, to see if you have homework to do, and then again in the morning so you don’t forget your gym kit. Some diaries run for the entire year, others follow the school year. We liked this one, from Getting Personal.


Keep an Eye on Next Week

Organise your life!

So, you know what you are doing tomorrow and the rest of the week, but what about later in the month? A wall calendar is a great way to keep an eye on upcoming events. We love this Chalk Calendar, which can be stuck to walls or doors.

Plan Your Homework

Homework Basket

Have a place where you keep your To Do homework. It can be a letter rack on the wall like this one, or a tray on your desk. The important thing is, to always put your homework in there, until you’ve completed it. When it’s done, put it into your school bag, so you can’t forget to hand it in!


Tidy Your Desk

july 23, 2013 p013

You don’t need to spend a fortune – a pinboard, some tubs for pens and pencils and a shelf for bits and bobs. We loved this idea from HomeHappyHome blog, with the little art display wire.


Tidy Your Tech



The tangle of cables of your iPod, phone and camera? Doesn’t have to be like that. Decorate an old shoe box and hide an extension cable inside. Clever!


A couple of people have asked about the fire risk in using a shoe box to hide cables – there are professional versions of this kind of cable tidy, which you may prefer. Here’s one from IKEA

IKEA Cable Box


And this one from AllDock is a great place to store phones and gadgets




What other ways do you know to be more organised?

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