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Cool Bedroom Ideas for Kids

We’ve scoured the internet to find some fab rooms – not boys’ rooms and girls’ rooms, just really cool bedrooms ideas for kids.
Maybe you’ve grown out of your princess bedroom, or have gotten tired of your pirate room. Perhaps you didn’t have a real theme to begin with. We’ve gone for bedrooms that can be done without spending a ton of money – focusing quick fixes of a lick of paint and some new bed covers.


Stripes Galore! 

We love this stripy bedroom – you can learn how they did the stripes here 


bedrooms for kids

Room Makeover by Melissa Mondragon


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Easy Origami To Make Beautiful Decorations

If you fancy being creative today and you want to attempt to make some beautiful decorations to place around your bedroom, then try origami! Origami is the Japanese art of folding paper, however, it did not begin in Japan; this art actually began in the 1st or 2nd century in China. The name, Origami, is actually Japanese; ‘oru’ means ‘to fold’ and ‘kami’ means ‘paper’.
Origami can potentially be very difficult, but there are plenty of easier designs for beginners. The great thing about origami is that you can make practically anything, so you will be able to find a design that you love.
If you have never tried origami before, then you should start with a few of the following simple, yet effective, designs that will really brighten up your room.


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5 Things Parents Wish Their Kids Would Do …

… and 5 Things Kids Wish Their Parents Would Do!
Hello there! I’m Cat and I’m 12 years old, almost 13 (yay!)  I’ve picked out 5 things I wish my parents would do, or rather… Wouldn’t do!  And my mum has done the same with 5 things she wishes that my brother and I would do.
Go grab a piece of paper and do this with your parents – you might surprise each other!



Jump! Around The World in a Day

Did you know you can Jump! around the world without even leaving your home country? All around you are little pockets of different cultures you can visit for the day. Sally-Anne investigated some of the ‘afternoon trip countries’ in her home country UK. Get ready to Jump! around the world in a day.


Written By You

I Love You Natty – A Siblings Introduction to Down’s Syndrome

My name is Mia and I’m ten years old. 

I’m the first person in my family to write a book. It’s called I Love You Natty and is about my younger sister who has Down’s syndrome. Natty is 7 and there isn’t anything particularly ‘special’ about her, but she does have an extra chromosome in every cell of her body, which looks like a jelly bean.




She needs some extra help sometimes, for example I learnt Makaton to talk with my hands with her. She used to have physio therapy and also had surgery on her heart when she was small. But we all need support sometimes don’t we?

Most of all Natty is just my little sister. I love that when she was small she would force herself to open her eyes to look at me because she recognised my voice. I love Natty and my life wouldn’t be the same without her.

I wrote this book with Mum so that other children could understand what Down’s syndrome means. I did lots of drawings and we chose lots of family photographs to go in the book too.

I hope you enjoy it. Natty does. 


 You can order I Love You Natty on Amazon or via your local bookstore