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6 Sounds That Your Parents Will Recognise but You Won’t

 I recently discovered an old phone in an antique shop and realised that today’s kids wouldn’t recognise the sound of the dial turning.

It got me thinking about the other sounds that have disappeared with the advent of new technology. Have a listen to these sounds and try to work out what they are.

At the end of the quiz, you can find out more about the disappeared tech by selecting ‘View Questions’. 




[WpProQuiz 2]


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  1. 1

    I didn’t get any right, but I put that the first one was a fax machine, I’m sure that’s what it was, and the last one was a non-digital radio. Perhaps I’m younger than I thought.

  2. 2

    I got every one of those right, but the quiz marked me as zero due to different wording. Indeed, I’d say some of my answers were more precise. For instance, that was the sound of an AM radio being tuned, as an FM one sounds different. That wasn’t just a tape deck, it was a compact cassette being loaded; open reel decks sounded different. The “click” was surely the shutter on a film camera being released. In general, on old manual cameras you had to wind the film on which “cocked” the shutter. The first could have either been a fax modem or a data modem, so I mentioned both.

    Not that I’m feeling slightly aggrieved or huffy over a silly little quiz of course,,,

    Anyway, now I feel rather old. I think I’ve examples of pretty well all these round the house somewhere.

    • 3

      Thanks for taking the test, Steve. We are very impressed with your knowledge – we had to rely on the available free sources for the sounds, so some of them might not have been quite as clear as we would have liked. The quiz software is a WordPress plug in, and it wasn’t possible to include every variation of answer. This is actually quite a good example of why we are raising funds via Kickstarter, to enable us to integrate fun content like this properly.

      We are awarding a special prize for answering all the questions correctly, with a bonus for knowing that it was a compact cassette being loaded!

  3. 4

    Where are the answers please?

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