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Life… in Reverse

We love to publish contributions from our young readers. This was written by 8 year old Janvi, from Cardiff.

If there were to be a parallel universe I think there would be people who lived their lives, like us, only in reverse!

You would start off old with white hair, pains almost everywhere and maybe even glasses and/or a walking stick. You would live in a retirement home with lots of old people, like you. You would spend your time sitting in your favourite chair snuggled up with a quilt and would take medical pills daily. But one day when you would get up to have your daily walk you could get up much easier and you could walk around faster and more swiftly.

“Excuse me,” a nurse would say to you one day, “You are now too old to be in a retirement home, please pack your bags, receive your pension and leave to start your new life.” You would obviously be delighted at the news and would leave immediately, leaving your walking stick and glasses behind.

You would buy a new house and over time your hair would gain more colour. You would also get a job. You would start off as director for you would be the oldest in the studio. You would be the big boss. You would have a driving licence and a car.

But as time passed you would become younger and less mature and responsible and you also move down the job ladder. You used to be director but now you’re the actor, then the camera-man and last you’re the assistant off set, handing out refreshments and programmes.

Soon enough you take your driving test and graduate. Then, soon after, you lose your driving licence and spend your next few years studying for university and partying with friends. Before you know it, you will be graduating high school and will be studying, having crushes and still, partying.

Then you will move onto Junior and Infant school. You will learn simple things that you knew already and you will become less intelligent every day. Soon enough you will be attending nursery, playing all day long. And then you can say bye to school and learning.

You will stay at home and will say goodbye to the ability to walk and speak and say hello to crawling and gurgling. And a few years later the announcement is made…

it's a girl


Janvi, age 8, from Cardiff. I love reading and writing. My teachers say I should be an author when I grow up and I think that is an excellent plan. I also like ballet and the violin.

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  1. 1

    This is a great idea, Janvi. I like the way you describe moving through life backwards – details like being the boss or learning things you already know. Keep on writing and one day I shall look for your name on the shelf with the bestsellers.

  2. 2

    What a wonderful idea! I am getting older and think it is a big shame that at the same time you have learnt loads and gained experience, you also start to get more tired and want to spend more time sitting down. I really like your post!

  3. 3

    I loved this article. I wonder if we would appreciate life more if we lived it in reverse.

    Would we eat more sweets? Would we get telling offs from our parents? Actually, they would probably say ‘you’ve already been old enough to know better!’

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