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A Ghost Story – Written By You

Hi my name is Alice. I am 11 years old and I live in Nottingham.

Drama is my favourite subject and I am good at it. I love letting my creativeness flow and I do that by writing horror stories.

When I grow up I want to be a marine biologist. But I have a substitute job which is being an author!!

Beyond the Grave

I’m going to die, slowly and painfully…

I’m late, the teacher let me out late. I was “disruptive” again. I’m always disruptive.

It’s getting dark. I need to get home. I step out cautiously into the darkness.

I’m running now, I’m not scared just I need to get home. Ever feel like something’s following you? I saw an alley way I know my mum said don’t take short cuts, but I was late already. The moon was my guiding light but it started betraying me as the angry clouds swallowed it up.  I was starting to regret my decision.

I was swallowed up into the darkness as I tiptoed down the alley. I was looking round me looking at my surroundings. The glass was glinting in the moon light. I could hear the wind howling or was it the blood rushing through my ears? My breath was white in the cold air but then suddenly disappeared in front of my eyes like a ghost.

I suddenly felt a huge gust of chilly wind blow in my face. I was running. Owls hooted as I ran. My eye sight was blurred by a cover of salt-water tears. I couldn’t slow down now. It felt like I was running down endless rivers of tarmac. It was like a labyrinth. Any way you turned it duplicated until you eventually went mad. That’s what I think was happening.

My legs wobbled like jelly, I could barely stand. “Why did I go down the alley way” I screamed at the empty space surrounding me. It has to be near the end of this eternity of tarmac and silence. After what felt like years I reached a hill. My legs went from underneath me. I tumble through the weeds and mud. My eyelids closed.

When I finally awoke I was in a house. I was lay on a stone cold floor with animals prowling round my “paralysed” body. I lifted my hand to my head, I could feel blood. Suddenly I had a violent flashback. I was being lifted by a blurred figure. I was suddenly bought back to this horrible reality; I must have imagined it all.

I heaved myself up onto my unsteady feet. I stumbled into the next room. It seemed familiar yet had an eerie feel to it like it had been abandoned many years ago; it smelt musty and the air was damp. I headed upstairs. I heard footsteps behind me like a mirror image. I turned. Nothing there. I carried on up to the landing. I went into the master bedroom. I had that same feeling of the room downstairs.  I felt a shiver down my spine.

I suddenly saw everything spin. I fell to the floor a figure came up to me and

The last thing I felt was a cold icy hand wrap itself around my neck and squeeze all of the life out of body.

I am telling this story from beyond the grave.

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