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When Two Girls Sent Their Cat into Space

Have you ever let go of a helium-filled balloon and let it soar into the sky? Maybe you’ve even tied a message onto the string, with your contact details and hoped that someone would let you know where it landed when it popped. These awesome girls went a big step further than that. They sent a balloon into SPACE, with a couple of Go-Pro cameras attached, in a really cool science experiment. 

8-year-old Kimberly and 10-year-old Rebecca Yeung made their spacecraft, which flew up to a height of 78,000 feet – that’s twice as high as airplanes fly!

Oh, and did we mention that their cat went too? Check out their video here to find out more.


Here are some of the charts, which they studied to find out more about the cool trip Loki and R2-D2 went on. On this first one, you can see how the temperature sank and then rose again, as the balloon went higher.

Altitude vs Temp


This was the flight path of the balloon



As in all science experiments, the girls learned a lot, which they documented on their Lessons Learned page in their project binder. This will help them if they do further experiments. Their advice of ‘Don’t stop trying’ and ‘Always be optimistic’ isn’t only valid for this experiment of course!

Lessons Learned

Want to see more of Loki the cat in space?




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