Bike to School Week 2014

kids on bikes

  Bike riding is one of the real joys in life. You get adventure, fresh air and exercise, as well

You’ve Probably Never Biked as Hard as This Guy

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People around the World Dance to Happy by Pharrell Williams

Pharrell Williams - Happy WE ARE FROM DUNDEE, SCOTLAND - Happy Dundee

  Do you like to dance to Happy by Pharrell Williams? You are not alone! People around the world are

Interview with Skeleton Athlete Jor’dan McIntosh


  Jor’dan McIntosh is one very special athlete. Currently studying at Loughborough University, the Derby born 23 year old is

The British Skeleton Team – Sliding to Victory

skeleton olympic

How would you like to slide down a very steep and winding track of ice on something very similar to

Move Over Girls, and Make Space for Ballet for Boys


DANCE is for EVERYONE! When did people begin to dance?  No one knows for sure, but dancing has been around

3 Tips to Make your New Year’s Resolution Stick!

happy new year resolution

So the new year has begun and you’ve made a New Year’s resolution How can you make sure it doesn’t

Our ContiReporter Ailsa – Video Report from U17 Championship


  Check out our ContiReporter’s fantastic video report from the Women’s U17 Championship, and tomorrow you can read her final

Ailsa – Our ContiReporter at Women’s U17 EUROS – Day Two


    Tuesday 26th of November Today was match day! England v Italy. The match was at Telford Stadium so

Ailsa, our ContiReporter at Women’s U17 EUROS – Day One


    We set out to find a ContiReporter to travel to the UEFA U17 Women’s Finals, and we found

Kymberlee Jay – Professional dancer and Remarkable Woman!


  Award winning choreographer and dancer specialising in underground styles including street dance, Kymberlee Jay has 21 years of experience and

Introducing Ailsa – Our Conti-Reporter


  Thank you to all who entered our competition to find a Conti-Reporter. We are delighted to introduce you to

It just IS Cricket – Women’s Cricket Around the World

Screenshot 2013-11-18 at 12.02.09

    Cricket is inspiring young women in the most unexpected places, by providing hope and possibility to girls worldwide. The