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Our philosophy of providing an advertisement free zone for children means that the magazine does not generate any income. It is free for all children to read.

The fantastic work of a huge number of incredibly talented writers, from all walks of life, enable us to create this resource for children. We are very grateful to them.

If you would like to contribute, please get in touch.


To help with the costs of running the site, we have published a range of books aimed at children from 8 to 12 year, both fiction and non-fiction.


Our Book Authors

Millie Slavidou

Millie is a British writer and translator living and working in Greece. She writes about etymology on Jump! Mag and on Glossologics, and shares her children’s stories on Kidscapers.

Millie likes to mix traditional folklore with fictional tales of her young adventurer Lucy Evans, the InstaExplorer.

Samantha Gouldson

Sam has worked as a forensic scientist as well as for the British government, and has degrees in both archaeology and osteoarchaeology. She has 2 children, is passionate about science, reading, history and music, and loves dyeing her hair bright colours!

Samantha is brilliant at explaining complex science theories in a simple and easy-to-understand way. Her book on science vocabulary explains the difference between the meaning of words in everyday situations, and in when talking about science.

Lynn Schreiber

Founder and Editor of Jump! Mag, Lynn is freelance writer, who lives and works in Scotland with her family and fluffy white dog.

She is passionate about improving the lives of women and girls, and is writing a series of books about awesome women you’ve never heard of … #12Women

Our Magazine Writers

Written By You

These posts were written by our young readers. If you'd like to contribute to Jump! Mag, read our guidelines here, and get in touch!


Tina Price-Johnson

A Paralegal and Litigation Assistant by day, and Freelance Writer/Poet by night and weekend, Tina loves history, social studies and biographies, and enjoys writing about almost anything.She lives in London and travels in the UK and abroad whenever she can, and can usually be found wandering around crumbling ruins.


Tee is an American in Belfast. She is aGraphic Artist and Online Media Consultant and runs her own company. In her own words –

“My son, Adam Jacob, was born in June 2009.He’s the greatest thing I have ever done.And the hardest job I’ve ever had is being a Mummy. Tee is what my niece named me when she started to talk. Now half the world calls me Tee. The other half call me Byn. The last half call me Robyn. And I am terrible at maths”.

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Steph is a journalist who mostly writes about all things bike related. She lives in Scotland with her family and loves the outdoors.

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Sam has worked as a forensic scientist as well as for the British government, and has degrees in both archaeology and osteoarchaeology. She has 2 children, is passionate about science, reading, history and music, and loves dyeing her hair bright colours!

Sam blogs about all kinds of science at www.samanthagouldson.com.
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Olivia Palmer

I'm 17 year old with a passion for writing, video making, cat, and cookies!

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Founder and Editor at Jump! Mag
A freelance writer, who lives and works in Germany with her family and fluffy white dog.

Likes: Writing, reading, twitter and chocolate
Dislikes: Negative and angry people

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    Louise Pennington

    Louise is a feminist writer and activist who loves women’s history, reading, feminism, cats and Star Wars.

    She has three cats and two daughters. Louise also runs a blogging network for feminist writers called A Room of Our Own: A Feminist/ Womanist Network.

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    Jump! Mag's intern. MSc Publishing student. Literature advocate. Fond of hyphenation. Lancastrian.

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    Jax Blunt is a blogger, home educator and Tudor reenactor.

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    Iona Burchell

    Writer at RedPeffer Blog
    A mum of two young children, Ioan also writes freelance on a range of subjects and has her own blog

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    Would you like to write for Jump! Mag? Find out more about how you can contribute here www.jumpmag.co.uk/contribute

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    GeekDad is Andy Robinson, journalist and vlogger. He makes videos about family gaming. He also writes for national newspapers and broadcast outlets.

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      Chloe is 12 years old and enjoys cooking (foreign/innovative foods) photography, reading, and writing poetry. She takes part in rugby, dance (ballet and contemporary), running, hockey, netball, trampolining, skiing, and triathlons. Her interests include debating, travel, and animals.

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      I'm a young girl, who loves art, photography and instagram.

      Carolyn Ward

      Carolyn Ward lives in Wolverhampton and writes as much as possible around the busy schedules of her three small children.She loves to write about horses and psychology for JUMP! Magazine, and is currently writing a novel.

      Likes :A full night’s sleep, pizza and a good cappuchino
      Dislikes : drizzle, falling off horses

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