I Love You Natty – A Siblings Introduction to Down’s Syndrome

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My name is Mia and I’m ten years old.  I’m the first person in my family to write a book.

What Is a Raspberry Pi… and How Does it Work?

What is a Raspberry Pi

You may have heard of a Raspberry Pi – a credit card sized computer that plugs into your keyboard and

Toca Robot Lab Relaunch – Game Review and Interview

toco robot lab

  Like many of our readers, we are big fans of Toca Boca. Their digital games are not made for

The Doctor Who Blog of 9 Year Old Tom

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  One of the BEST things about running Jump! Mag is that sometimes our readers email to let us know

Kazoo International – A Forum for Gender Equality


Gabriella wrote for Jump! Mag a few months ago, and contacted us to tell us about her latest school project. She

What is it REALLY Like to Grow Up on a Farm


  If you are growing up in a city or town, you may have sometimes wondered what it is like

You Can Be Wonder Woman! Written by You

All Girls Can be Wonderwoman

Helen is 14 years old and lives in Greece. She has written for us about being a wonder woman.  

How To Celebrate Easter in Greece – Written By You

Easter in Greece

  Have you ever wondered how people in other countries celebrate their local or religious festivals? We often read about

History of South Africa – Written by Bruntville Primary School

A History of South Africa

    The pupils of Bruntville Primary School are taking part in our Send a Story Project. They have written

Are Rewards the Right Approach? Written By You


14 year old Gabriella told us that her school gives lots of rewards for doing well, or for good behaviour.

Lots of Socks for World Down Syndrome Day

odd socks Magdalena and Agnieszka sitting

    Do you sometimes wear non-matching socks? When you can’t find ones to match or just because you want

Send a Story Around the World – STORY A – Part One – St Martin’s School, UK

Send a Story Around the World - St Martins School

  To celebrate World Book Day 2014, Jump! Mag is sending a story around the world. In fact, we are

Is Our Fate Really Out of Our Control? – Written By You

Image by Jeremy Price

  Nelson Mandela once said “I am the master of my Fate and the captain of my destiny.” People say