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Can it really be too cold for snow?

Winter Wonderings - Can It Really Be Too Cold for Snow?...

classic books for tweens

6 Awesome Classic Books For Tweens...


Winter Wonderings - Why Does Frost Make Patterns?...

will it be a white christmas 2014

Will It Be a White Christmas 2014?...

Are Snowflakes Really All Different?

Winter Wonderings - Are Snowflakes Really All Different?...

Why can you see your breath when it is cold?

Winter Wonderings - Why Can You See Your Breath When it is Cold?...


I Love You Natty - A Siblings Introduction to Down's Syndrome...


Jump! Books for Kindle...


Everything You Need to Know about Rosetta and Philae...


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Sophia Duleep Singh

Sophia Duleep Singh - The Indian Princess Suffragette

  You've probably heard of the Suffragettes, who fought for women's rights, but did you know that an Indian princess was one of the leading campaigners in England?     VOTES F[...]
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Do You Have the Denim Blues?

Since Levi Strauss and Jacob Davies developed jeans all the way back in 1873, denim jeans have become the garment we reach for at the weekend. They are attractive, hard-wearing and versatile, so i[...]

A Controlling Friendship - A Bully By Another Name

    Have you ever had a friend who made you feel bad? Maybe your friend was mean to you sometimes, and confused you. Or she (or he) would ignore you because you had done something wron[...]

What are Superstitions?

  Do you believe in good luck? Are some people luckier than others? Or is it all in your mind? Carolyn Ward explains how you can make your own good luck, and what the word 'superstitions' mean[...]
Diversity dancers

Dance with Diversity and Win an Energy Makeover for Your School -- UK

    Win an Energy Makeover for your school worth up to £150,000 and spend a day dancing with Jordan and Perri from Diversity!        Last month British Gas a[...]

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