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classic books for tweens

6 Awesome Classic Books For Tweens...


Winter Wonderings - Why Does Frost Make Patterns?...

will it be a white christmas 2014

Will It Be a White Christmas 2014?...

Are Snowflakes Really All Different?

Winter Wonderings - Are Snowflakes Really All Different?...

Why can you see your breath when it is cold?

Winter Wonderings - Why Can You See Your Breath When it is Cold?...


I Love You Natty - A Siblings Introduction to Down's Syndrome...


Jump! Books for Kindle...


Everything You Need to Know about Rosetta and Philae...

Sophia Duleep Singh

Sophia Duleep Singh - The Indian Princess Suffragette...


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sounds your parent will recognise

6 Sounds That Your Parents Will Recognise but You Won't

 I recently discovered this old phone in an antique shop, and realised that today's kids wouldn't recognise the sound of the dial turning. It got me thinking about the other sounds that have disap[...]

Comic Book Characters and Diversity

We're very pleased here at Jump. In the last few months, several of our favourite comic book characters have been changed and redesigned. This isn't just about new costumes. It shows that the desi[...]

JUMP! Around the World - Ayşe in Turkey

Ayşe - Age  7, Gümüşlük, Turkey     This is the second of a series of articles in which Jump! Mag reporters interview girls around the world. Have you ever wanted to know what it is[...]
dry ice

Jump! Into SCIENCE - Dry Ice Bubble Experiment

    Do you like blowing bubbles? Well, how would you feel if you could blow foggy bubbles that bounce? Pretty awesome, huh? Check out this fun dry ice bubble experiment.    [...]
volcanoes of the world

Fiery Furnaces and Magnificent Magma - Volcanoes of the World

    When you think of a volcano, what do you see?  A triangular mountain with its top off, spitting smoke, rocks and red lava flowing down the sides?  That’s the most common image, but[...]

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