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LETS Swap!

Pokemon cards, Moshi monsters, jelly stickers, friendship bracelets – at some point over the last few years my kids have swapped all these things. And in return they get good stuff back.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could go into a shop and, even if you had no money, you could still swap something you had for something you want?

In communities all over the world, people are doing just that. Or something very like it.

Local Exchange Trading Schemes or LETS for short, enable people who live near each other to swap their skills and receive goods and services without having to pay a penny.


Science, Nature and Tech

Help A Hedgehog

Gretta is a  freelance journalist who blogs at She and her family are worried how the local wildlife are coping with the lack of water. Strange as it may seem in a country that is famous for rain, there has not been enough of it in the past years in UK.
Read on to find out how to help hedgehogs and other wildlife.


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Woolly Hugs

Sometimes sad things happen, and when that happens we need a hug.
Sometimes sad things happen to people we know, and we offer them a hug.
Sometimes sad things happen to people we don’t really know and we feel helpless. We want to offer comfort but don’t know how. We want to hug them, but they are too far away, or not really good enough friends so that we feel we can offer a hug.


Written By You

A Ghost Story – Written By You

Hi my name is Alice. I am 11 years old and I live in Nottingham.

Drama is my favourite subject and I am good at it. I love letting my creativeness flow and I do that by writing horror stories.

When I grow up I want to be a marine biologist. But I have a substitute job which is being an author!!