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I, Coriander by Sally Gardner – Book Review by You

I, coriander by sally gardner

This book is set in 1649, just after King Charles 1st had been executed. At the back of the book there are some historical background notes.

It is really hard to describe, because although it is set in a real time from history, it moves between two different worlds, it is unlike any book I have read before.

It is the best book I have ever read, I couldn’t put it down and read the 300 paged book in two days. It is packed full of mystery, magic and adventure, and history, with the slightest bit of romance.

The story unfolds through the eyes of six year old Coriander, who is almost 20 by the end of the book. One of things which is fun seeing change, is Coriander’s fear of the stuffed baby alligator in her father’s study, it holds the key to the cabinet in its mouth, and at the end, it comes alive (just like she had feared all along) it saves her-I can’t tell you how because it will spoil it!
The imagery throughout the novel is beautiful, and everything is described in great detail. Here is an example:


” Everything in the room was covered in a layer of thick dust. The curtains that the sun had been badgering were now no more than a mass of spiders webs. The bedroom covers were all torn and tattered, feathers split from the mattresses, and the wash basin was cracked and broken as if long abandoned. It was a room of rags and feathers, nothing more.”


The book has a fairy tale quality to it, because of the language Sally Gardner uses and the events of the story.
The characters are larger than life and dramatic, and at times frightening.
This novel’s ending was satisfying and felt complete. After reading this book I felt inspired to write a story set in a time from history also. One of my favourite things about the book, is how Coriander stands up for herself.
I highly recommend this book, I will definitely read it again!
I rate it 10/10, and would recommend to age 9-14





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Stories From The Stables – Sam

This is first of a series of Stories From The Stables, by Carolyn Ward.
I fell off, honest 

Learning to ride is a fabulous hobby.  It can be pricey, but you can borrow a hat and crop from most stables, and start off in trousers and strong shoes.  It is great exercise, very exciting, and teaches respect for animals, balance, and correct posture.

When I was very young I rode at Stourton Stables, a children’s riding school where the ponies were mostly grumpy and had to be separated in the fields for fear of kicking each other to pieces.

Oh, happy riding lesson days. Hours spent in icy pouring rain, in snow, in fog, and even more rarely; in lovely sunshine.  The best riding times of year for me were spring and autumn, before and after the major insect season.


Poetry By You, Written By You

A Poem – Sadness is a Storm

This poem was sent to us by one of our talented young readers, 14 year old Rebekah.

Sadness is a storm.

A clap of thunder,

As you howl and wail,

Yet through it all,

You still prevail.

Nothing withstands

The heart of the tempest.

Ominous clouds loom,

Lightning flashes.

Light still gets through.

It gives you a glimpse,

Of hope pure and true

All’s well once more,

With the subsiding of the storm.