What is Climate Change

What is Climate Change?

You’ve probably heard people talking about climate change – at school, on the news, at home. But what is it

Women’s History Month


As March draws to a close, we look back at Women’s History Month, and find out why it is important

Fact or Fable? Most body heat is lost through the head

Most Body Heat is Lost Via the Head... or is it?

Many people believe that you should keep your head covered during cold weather, as most of the warmth from our

The Youth of Today!

the youth of today plato

  Whether or not you are a 1D fan, you might have been a bit irritated at the adults who’ve

The Discovery of Beagle 2

Beagle 2

There’s been a lot of excitement in the scientific community recently, with the announcement of the discovery of Beagle 2.

5 Fab and Easy World Book Day Costumes

dress up box

Eek, only another few days, and you haven’t decided what to wear! We have some fantastic ideas for easy World Book

Princess Leia – The Warrior Princess

Princess Leia

I love Star Wars. It’s my favourite trilogy of films ever. At least, I loved it when I was 8

Real Life Minecraft – What is Quartz?

What is Quartz in Real Life

In Minecraft, Quartz blocks are used as decoration, and can be mined using any pick axe, but have you ever

Lucy Evans, InstaExplorer – Akatmades and the Haska

Lent in Greece

    Continuing our series of short stories which tell the tale of Lucy Evans, InstaExplorer and the Greek Carnival

Does Chewing Gum Stay in Your Body for 7 Years?

does chewing gum stay in your body

We continue our #FactOrFable series, and ask the question… Does chewing gum stay in your body for 7 years?  

Lucy Evan, InstaExplorer – Carnival in Greece 3


The third part of our short story series by Millie Slavidou about the Greek Carnival.   A Custom from Ottoman

Lucy Evans, InstaExplorer – Carnival in Greece 2

Greek Carnival Masks

The second of our short stories about Carnival in Greece, by Millie Slavidou. Gaitanaki On Saturday morning, Lucy dressed hurriedly.

A Ghost Story – Written By You


Hi my name is Alice. I am 11 years old and I live in Nottingham. Drama is my favourite subject