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Can it really be too cold for snow?

Winter Wonderings - Can It Really Be Too Cold for Snow?...

classic books for tweens

6 Awesome Classic Books For Tweens...


Winter Wonderings - Why Does Frost Make Patterns?...

will it be a white christmas 2014

Will It Be a White Christmas 2014?...

Are Snowflakes Really All Different?

Winter Wonderings - Are Snowflakes Really All Different?...

Why can you see your breath when it is cold?

Winter Wonderings - Why Can You See Your Breath When it is Cold?...


I Love You Natty - A Siblings Introduction to Down's Syndrome...


Jump! Books for Kindle...


Everything You Need to Know about Rosetta and Philae...


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Who Was Christina of Denmark?

  You may have heard her referred to as 'The One Who Got Away' from Henry VIII, but who was Christina of Denmark? Historian Lucy Allen explains.        “If I had two heads, one should be [...]

What is Counselling?

When something’s on your mind, it can help to talk about it and share it with someone else. But what if you don’t want to talk to your friends or family, or you can’t? That’s where counselling can [...]

Picture Perfect - How to Take Great Photos

  Instagram, flickr, tumblr, facebook, twitter.  You can’t help but feel bombarded with different  photo uploading websites.  We’re being showered with photos: fancy food delicately arranged on a[...]
kid-friendly explanation of Big Bang

A Kid-Friendly Explanation of The Big Bang & An Amazing New Discovery by Scientists

Most scientists believe that the Universe began in a Big Bang around 14 billion years ago. The entire Universe was inside a bubble thousands of times smaller than a pinhead, and was hotter and denser [...]
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Under the Sea with the RRS Discovery

  Last month the The RRS Discovery, the most advanced research ship was launched in Southampton. At £75 million it is one of the most expensive research ships ever commissioned. It measures at [...]

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