Rainy Day Activities for Tweens

Rainy Day Activities for Tweens

No, I’d really rather not be writing about rainy day activities for tweens in AUGUST. I want to be writing about

Istanbul – Through the Eyes of 13 Year Old Maya


Maya is 13 years old, and lives with her family in Bangalore, India. She wants to tell us a bit

What is a Malapropism?

what is a malapropism

You may not have had the term ‘malapropism’, but I am sure you know what a malapropism is when you

I am Dandelion, Hear Me Roar – The Origin of Dandelion

Where does the word dandelion come from?

This little flower gets a raw deal, often regarded as a weed to be dug up, but it is actually

New Horizons – the Pluto flyby


On Tuesday July 14th at 12:49 BST, the New Horizons spacecraft will fly past Pluto, the ninth planet in our