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Can it really be too cold for snow?

Winter Wonderings - Can It Really Be Too Cold for Snow?...

classic books for tweens

6 Awesome Classic Books For Tweens...


Winter Wonderings - Why Does Frost Make Patterns?...

will it be a white christmas 2014

Will It Be a White Christmas 2014?...

Are Snowflakes Really All Different?

Winter Wonderings - Are Snowflakes Really All Different?...

Why can you see your breath when it is cold?

Winter Wonderings - Why Can You See Your Breath When it is Cold?...


I Love You Natty - A Siblings Introduction to Down's Syndrome...


Jump! Books for Kindle...


Everything You Need to Know about Rosetta and Philae...


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Is Our Fate Really Out of Our Control? - Written By You

  Nelson Mandela once said “I am the master of my Fate and the captain of my destiny." People say that your fate is out of your control and that things are meant to be but is that really true?[...]

A YouTube History Lesson for Kids - The Berlin Wall

This weekend marks 25 years since the Berlin Wall came down, but what was it, and why was this event so exciting - not only for Germans, but for people around the world? To understand the importan[...]
Are Snowflakes Really All Different?

Winter Wonderings - Are Snowflakes Really All Different?

  It’s a common belief that no two snowflakes are the same, and in a way this is true. No snowflake can ever be completely identical to another, because when you get down to the molecular leve[...]

Good Relationships - Healthy Relationships - Tips for Kids

Relationships are hard at any age. Remember that we don't just talk about relationships when we mean a boyfriend or a girlfriend - it’s about how you get on with your parents, your friends and other p[...]

The Girlguide Girls’ Attitude Survey - Written By You

    My name is Isla Whateley, I’m a 17-year-old Girlguiding member from Glasgow and a member of the charity’s youth panel Advocate. We discuss issues affecting girls and young women an[...]

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