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Things I Would Tell My 11 Year Old Self

We asked 16 year old Poppy what advice she’d give to her 11 year old self, and this is what she told us.

When I look back at my 11 year old self, I realise that my problems then were FAR different to my problems now. When I begin to think about the types of things I used to stress about when I was younger, it makes me realise that I actually had it really easy!

Now that I am 16, I can finally inform you all that the struggles you are having now won’t even matter when you are my age. In fact, you might even laugh when you look back in a few years’ time! Here are a few tips on what I would’ve told my 11 year old self…


I was always too shy when it came to attending clubs or joining in activities. It took me a while to get involved with after school clubs, but once I did I really enjoyed them and I made so many new friends! It’s also good to have a combination of different types of clubs as it can widen your interests.

I suddenly had a lot of new hobbies that I’d never even considered doing before. Sports clubs such as football, netball or tennis are all exciting because not only do they improve your health, but you can also make lots of great friends! My school offers lots of clubs including: knitting club, Japanese club, cooking club, netball club and drama club.

If you’re unsure what clubs you could get involved with at your school, feel free to ask a teacher. Although, there are plenty of opportunities outside of school as well! All it takes is a little bit of research!


From year 5 to my current year (year 11), I have been beyond obsessed with Justin Bieber. I’m sure a lot of you will agree with me and I’m sure a lot of you have particular celebrities that you like too (everyone loves a bit of cheeky Harry Styles).

I used to get teased ALL THE TIME for liking the Biebs. Everyone used to tell me that he was stupid and his music was baby-ish. Sometimes, it made me feel a bit ridiculous and pathetic. But I look back now and realise that I can listen to WHATEVER music I want! I can wear WHATEVER clothes I want to and I can do my hair HOWEVER I want to.

Don’t be afraid to have your own likes and dislikes and don’t be worried if people don’t understand them. Who knows, one day everyone might actually see how amazing your taste was all along (To all the boys in primary school, my bae Justin Bieber currently has 3 consecutive hits in the UK music charts so who’s laughing now?)!


I got told so many times about how scary and intimidating secondary school was. It made me feel slightly concerned when it came to joining, however once I had – it really didn’t turn out to be as scary as it was made out to be.

I made so many new wonderful friends and I managed to understand the work quickly and easily. My teachers were lovely and I had no problem coming to them for help.

So, if you are dreading secondary school or if you’re already at secondary school- DO NOT WORRY! These years will be the best and the funniest years of your life – I promise you! Make sure that you work hard and don’t get too distracted!


In year 6, I remember a boy pointed out that my legs had a bit of hair on them and from then on, I tried my hardest to cover them up. I would roll my socks up or wear trousers to school. I don’t know why I made such a fuss at the time, because if I remember rightly: it was winter! And, in my opinion, there is nothing wrong with having an extra layer to keep you warm (haha).

Although it may sound cheesy, you are all wonderful and you shouldn’t let your insecurities get in the way of you doing your thangggggg. If somebody does make a comment about the way you look, then just remember that one person’s opinion out of 7 billion people doesn’t mean a thing.

And most importantly, your appearance doesn’t define who you are. Just because my legs were actually a little bit hairy didn’t mean that it was a bad thing. So why on earth should you or I worry? Never ever ever, no matter how old you are, forget to love yourself. It is SO important!


I know that being 11 years old is EXTREMELY hard and it may seem that the world is against you. Your parents especially may get on your last nerve, however you must remember that everything they do is to help you to become a better you! Every time they shout at you and tell you that you are wrong, it is all because they want you learn and grow.

Being 11 is a bit major- it’s a very important age to be. If it feels like family members are against everything you do, try looking at things from their point of view. I won’t lie to you all, I still get into arguments with my family. However, now that I am older and wiser, I understand why they say the things they do.

Listen carefully and seal every argument with a polite apology. Trust me, a decent apology is EVERYTHING!!


I hope these 5 important points have helped you fabulous beings to reflect on how you treat your life and the people around you. I’m sure that if you bear these thoughts in mind throughout your year of being 11, it will make life a lot happier for you. Good luck!



I’m 16, I go to an all girls school in Essex, England, my favourite subject is English. My favourite films are Elf (all year round) and Hairspray. I love to write about anything and everything. I love singing and I do it all the time which causes a lot of complaints!

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