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What To Do During The Holidays

HURRAH! No school for a day (or a week!) or two. If you are staying at home, you may be wondering what to do during the holidays. We’ve got some fun tips and ideas for you, no matter the weather.

Have a Micro-Adventure


Never heard of this? It means to have a small adventure. You don’t have to go hiking in the Himalayas to have an adventure. Fill a rucksack with some supplies, and head off into the woods with the family. Our tip – find a safe, sheltered spot and cook some sausages over an open fire!


Make Your Own Treasure Hunt

Guess the Familiar Landmark

You can prepare this with a parent, and then invite your friends to take part. Go around your local area, and take pics of landmarks – a church tower, or a fancy gate, maybe a garden swing – then crop the pics so that the participants have to find them.



This is kind of a mix of the last two ideas – a treasure hunt outdoors, but you don’t make it up yourself, you follow someone else’s clues. We wrote about how to do it here.


Start a Blog


Start a Blog



Got something to say? Say it! Ask your parents first, and make sure you read our articles about starting a blog. A blog is a way to share your interests with others, and great fun.


Write and Perform a Play

Put on a Show


This is so much fun. You can use a book as your story, or make up your own. Design your own props and costumes. Don’t know where to start? Check our our article on putting on your own play. It’s much easier than you might think!


Make a Memory Box

memory box


Find an box, decorate it, and fill it with stuff that means a lot to you right now. A drawing, a favourite singer or artist, a photo of your family… You can come back and add in more later. It is a great thing to have when you are older, cause you can look back and remember the cool things you did.


Any other suggestions? Add them in the comments!



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