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Rainy Day Activities for Tweens

No, I’d really rather not be writing about rainy day activities for tweens in AUGUST. I want to be writing about fun outdoor activities, and being careful to apply sunscreen. For those of you who are stuck at home, and getting bored, here are some fab rainy day activities.

Make a Bored Jar

Fill a jar with ideas of things to do. They have to be free or low cost – no ‘Go to LegoLand’ or ‘Trip to cinema’! You can print one of MumInTheMadhouse’s lists or make your own. The rules are:

  • Close eyes when picking (absolutely NO peeking!)
  • Only one ticket at a time
  • You must do what is on the ticket
  • No arguing with the jar

(Thanks to Holly from the Jump! Parents Facebook group for the suggestion)


Make a Marshmallow Catapult

Ok, I have to admit. I did a big WHOOOP! when I found this suggestion. It looks awesome, doesn’t it?! In fact, I rushed right out to the supermarket to buy marshmallows, and we tried it out right away.



Crepe Paper Lazer Maze

How awesome does this look? You can make this with strips of crepe paper, or with some old yarn. The goal is to get from one end of the hall to the other without triggering the lazer alarm.


Schnitzeljagd – Scavenger Hunt


Download the picture with the words onto your tablet or iPod, then search for things in the house that match the adjective. An old scarf, a cute dog … whatever you find! Then make a collage. See this post to find out why it’s called a Schnitzeljagd.


Make Oobleck

Is it a liquid or a solid? Oobleck is both! Named after Dr Seuss’s Bartholomew and the Oobleck, it is a ‘Non-Newtonian fluid’ – it acts like a liquid when being poured, and a solid when you punch or squeeze it.


On Your Marks, Get Set… BAKE!

You can’t beat a good baking session, so get your apron on and grab your wooden spoon. Find out about the science of baking on our science editor’s blog here.


Splash in Puddles

No, you are not too old to splash in puddles – you might want to wear wellies and old clothes though! Get a raincoat on and go for a walk, then come home and eat that cake you baked earlier.

Any marshmallows left from your catapult?


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    Thank you for mentioning our board Jar. Fab list. I love marshmallow catapults and we have had many a fun hour with ours

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