Send a Story Around the World – STORY B – Part Three – I K. Brodziński Senior High School, Poland


This is the third part of STORY B of our #sendastory project. You can read the entire story so far on this page. This chapter was written by the pupils of K.Brodziński I Senior High School in Tarnów, southern Poland.


K.Brodziński I Senior High School in Tarnów.  Our school is the oldest one  in our town with  more than 830 ambitious, enthusiastic and open-minded students, age 16-18. Tarnów is located 78 km from Cracow and has a population of about 110 thousand people.



All of a sudden he heard a sound of fluttering wings, turned round and saw an ebony–dark raven flying towards him. The bird passed just above his head and then out of the corner of his eye he noticed that the face from the window faded away.

Following the raven, Mark approached the fjords. It seemed to him that he beheld the blink of the green light, and in front of his eyes a huge ship ‘U.S.S. Proteus’ appeared. He caught the blood – chilling raven’s screech, whirled and saw there was nothing else but a newly erected fort.

Hardly had Mark moved into the food storehouse, when he spotted an emaciated figure of a man creeping along the wall. It was obvious that the rogue was about to steal some food.

The moment he reached for one of the sacks, the door were battered down and two men barged into screaming: “You’d promised it would be the last time Charles Henry! You know what Adolphus Grey does with scoundrels”. The scuffle broke out. And then… all started to vanish into thin air. The last thing Mark perceived was a dim gunshot.

He opened his eyes and saw a repulsive man with clotted blood on his temple. Mark realized that the face from the window and the thief were one and the same person.

To his surprise, Mark heard a hoarse voice of the man murmuring: “I need your help. But first you must hear the story of Lady Franklin Bay Expedition…”.

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