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Store Cupboard Science – Experiments at Home

While there are plenty of science kits in the shops, did you know that you can do loads of science with things that you already have in your store cupboard?  Science enthusiast Lisa White has put together a list of things that you need for a variety of basic science experiments.



store cupboard




You might need extra equipment but these are the basics. Having white vinegar, salt, bicarbonate of soda and washing up liquid in stock will be useful too!


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Who Was Christina of Denmark?

You may have heard her referred to as ‘The One Who Got Away’ from Henry VIII, but who was Christina of Denmark? Historian Lucy Allen explains.


“If I had two heads, one should be at the King of England’s disposal!”


Most of the time, when someone claims that a king or queen made a clever quip, it turns out to be made up, but the line Christina of Denmark supposedly used to reply to Henry VIII’s proposal of marriage is more likely to be true than most.


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Tips For Exam Success

Prepare for exams

How to tackle exam stress and emerge still smiling…
Whether it’s SATs, school entrance exams or simply a test of your knowledge at the end of a topic – exams can be scary. They don’t have to be.
English teacher and tutor Allana has witnessed firsthand the effects of exam stress on very capable students – even those who KNOW the answers can get rattled on the big day. 


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Health Matters … Threadworm


In the second of a series of articles on health, pharmacist and writer Asha Fowells looks at threadworms. This may make you go ‘euuuuuw’, but it is an important thing to know about, because while threadworms are icky, they are reasonably easy to treat.
The term “parasitic infection” may make you think of intrepid explorers in rainforests and jungles, but there is one parasite that lurks much closer to home: threadworm.


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What is the Difference Between Introvert and Extrovert?

What is the difference between introvert and extrovert? And which one are you?


What does an INTROVERT look like?

Introverts tend to be people who are most comfortable in their own company or spending time with a small, familiar group of friends. They are analytical in their thinking, like to have all of the available facts to hand before making a decision and are probably a little bit uncomfortable when forced into the limelight. Introverts think before they speak.


What does an EXTROVERT look like?


Extroverts, on the other hand, think as they speak! They’re happy to take centre stage, love to talk about anything and everything that comes to mind, are happy being part of a large group and make fast decisions. Extroverts are less happy in their own company and tend to get bored without someone around to keep them amused.

In short, introverts are often described as being energised by enjoying time spent alone with their thoughts, whereas extroverts recharge their batteries by being in a roomful of equally extroverted people!