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Tales From The Farm – By Rosie

Rosie is 15 years old and lives on a farm, miles from the nearest town. She wrote about living on a farm, and what she loves about it. 


Mum and I are writing to let you know what life on our farm is like for a girl my age.

I am 15 now but have lived in the countryside all my life.

The good things about living remotely are that it is peaceful and has beautiful scenery, I love our animals (cattle, sheep, hens, ducks, dogs and a cat) and space to ride my bike or go for walks.





There is hardly any light pollution at night and on clear nights you can see the stars clearly.

Owls and bats come out at night. the owls hoot in the trees outside our house and the bats sometimes come in to my bedroom. I don’t like when they do that. They are little pipistrelle bats.

The bad things about living fairly remotely are mostly the loneliness. All my friends live far away and I miss them at weekends or the holidays.

I used to feel really fed up when I was younger but not so much now as Mum and Dad have given me an iPod for listening to music and other things to look at or listen to when it is raining.

Mobile phones do not work here so I have to phone my friends from the landline.

I don’t like when things go wrong on the farm. Sometimes lambing or calving can have problems and when that happens, everyone feels very sad. Mum and Dad can be very tired and then we cannot go and do the things that are fun as we have to stay on the farm to care for the animals.

I have a little brother and a much older brother. My big brother spoils me and sometimes I stay at his house.  We eat all the food that Mum does not like us eating and we watch a film or play on the X Box.

My big brother is going to live abroad soon and I will miss him very much. My little brother is sweet but he can be annoying and he sometimes wrecks my things. He painted his fingers with my yellow nail varnish.

We have brand new chickens. They hatched out two days ago and are very cute.




It has been really warm here so we are outside all day and it is good fun, much nicer than when it rains or when we get snowed in.

I can tell you about getting snowed in another time on Jump!




Do you live in the town, or in the country? What is daily life like where you are? If you would like to tell us about life where you are, get in touch via the “Contact Us” box, and we will publish your article on Jump!


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  1. 1

    i think your story was very very nice, i loved it…and now i know that living on a farm could be quite nice sometimes…

    from 9year old girl,


  2. 3

    i live in the contry side too i have seen a few bats they look like a bird flaping like it will never flap again
    it is rarther lonely i am home-ed and see my bestie only once a week so not at all in hols!
    i have a phone but it is pretty rubish (got it for a 10er) but its not to bad as i love climbing trees and we are not short of em here

  3. 5

    Ive always wondered what living in the countryside was like. I go to my grandads alot and he lives in the countryside. I am lucky enough to have a friend who lives 2 doors down so she comes over everyday. It sounds fun to live in the countryside……. id love to own that many animals 😀 I would like to hear what its like to fully snowed in! Ive never been snowed in before. I enjoyed reading this!
    Age 13 🙂

  4. 7

    Thank you very much for your lovely comments – Rosie is thrilled.

    We were wondering if you could please help us? We found a tiny lamb which has been neglected by it’s mother. Rosie and I are keeping it warm by the fire and feeding it some colostrum. (first milk)
    We would ask if you could think of a name for him? We would also ask if it could begin with the letter ‘D’ as each year the lambs are named alphabetically.

    We will post some photographs of the little lamb once he is feeding and warmed up.

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