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Good Teachers, Mean Teachers

I am Alice, and I am 10 years old.
My hobby is writing, and I really like English and Spelling, maybe because I find them easy.
I used to have a hamster, Nibbles, but he escaped and we haven’t seen him since. I like animals, very much, but I don’t think I am great with them.
This article is about my school teachers.

Primary School is a giant part of your life, very near the beginning, and if you do well there, you definitely will be going off with a great head-start.

I have had my lot of mean teachers, but then I have learnt lots about kind ones, and ones which just let you do anything, and ones that are strict sometimes, but are always there for you.

In Reception I had a lovely teacher. She was very kind and lovely, and I remember lots of really nice memories of her.

In Year 1 I had a young teacher. I don’t really remember much of her, except I remember trying to jump on her for a piggy-back.

Next, my Year 2 teacher, she was nice, like most of my teacher in Key Stage 1. I do vividly remember one time in Year Two. I was a bit cross with my friend that day, and I hid her shoes under a cabinet. I put them in different side of the cabinet, and when we sat on the carpet, our teacher asked if anyone knew where my friends shoes were. Out of guilt, I said I think I might have kicked them under there. Stupidly, I pushed the shoes under the cabinet on different sides yes, but then I’d pushed them so far they had come together again! Luckily I didn’t get too badly told off. 🙂

My next teacher was my Year 3 teacher. He was young, older than my Year 2 teacher, and, well, like the rest of them, I can’t remember much about him either.

My Year 4 teacher, well, I have two really. I was meant to have a first teacher, pretty, but then she went because she was having a baby. Then we had this Teacher Morning, where a load of teacher came along and did a short lesson, with our headteacher at the back of the classroom, and us with the dread of knowing that one of these people would be our teacher. In the end we got a brown-haired, kind but strict teacher, who was the main teacher who encouraged my writing.

In Year 5, I had a really funny, good teacher, who made all the lessons very fun. We were called 5HG, because we also had another teacher, who just taught on Wednesday. She wasn’t really very nice to me or my friend, so we weren’t particularly nice back. I learnt about dealing with teachers like that.

Guys, really, you may hate them, they may hate you, but you will meet people in your life who you think are hateful, mean and horrible, and maybe they are, but you cannot live a life without finding someone like that. You will have enemies, and people you cannot stand, people who are very annoying to you, but may mean well.

You need to learn to hate or to love people in your life, you will not grow up properly if you don’t. And, take your time to grow, go through life’s twists and turns and just let your path make it’s way, and don’t try and change it. It will make itself naturally, leading you to your full, happy life. Though if you don’t try hard enough, yes, you may find yourself in a sticky swamp, but you just have to pull yourself up out of it again, and friends, and even enemies, will help you with that.






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  1. 1

    Loved reading this! It sounds similar to my life. My (meant to be) reception teacher avoided my class. When we came into reception, she moved to class 1. When we moved to class 1, she went back to reception and she has been in reception ever since. I LOVE my year six teacher now – she sent me to show the head my adventure story!!!

  2. 3

    hey alice i go to ur school and am in ur class

    yeah our year 5 wednesday teacher was actully super meaan and picked on us teased us and that sort, but then i thought she was only being mean cusshe had broken up with her husband so she was taking it out on us

  3. 4

    Hi I got to yr school to and I am in yr class
    I didn’t know that she and her husband broke up but know I know I agree I think that she was taking it out on us because she had been through a hard time

  4. 5

    I know exactly what you mean about teachers you love and hate! It’s also important to figure out why you may hate these people! I am 11 so only a year older than you and I think can also see this from your position! A great story too and in the end a lesson we all have to learn! The easy way or- the hard way 🙁
    But as you say just move on and live your life!

  5. 6

    A very strange thing happened when I was at primary school, I had the same teacher for year 2 and 3!! Then in year 5 I had a different teacher and I had him agen in year 6!!

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