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What is it REALLY Like to Grow Up on a Farm

If you are growing up in a city or town, you may have sometimes wondered what it is like to grow up in the countryside. Clio lives on a farm in England and agreed to tell us what it is really like to grow up on a farm

How things change over time!



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Hello, my name is Clio I am 10 years old and the youngest of six, well only by 2 minutes because I am a triplet with Guy and Jed. My parents own a holiday farm in Cornwall which is where we live and, where I was born. I am going to share with you the ups and downs of farm life from my perspective.


Adventure and freedom


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When I was little my Mum would never let me go out on my own, especially in the dark as our farm is very large. She was to scared that I might fall in the river or lake or even get lost in the woods or something like that; but when I reached the age of 5 Mum let me go out on my own with my older brothers or holiday friends that I had made, but she still wouldn’t let me go out in the dark on my own.

When I turned 6 my Mum let me go out in the dark to play too. Now I am allowed to do pretty much anything, like jump off a bridge and into the river! Also when I was young my Mum had to come with me to our play parks but now I just wander off and I don’t even have to tell her I am going out!



Clio & Lamb
Living on a farm does not come without its difficulties like when a new lamb becomes orphaned and we have to bring it in the house and nurse it, it is very upsetting if they don’t survive. On Saturday’s when all the guests are leaving and arriving it can become a bit of a kerfuffle to stay on time and not get out of schedule, everyone in our family is busy and I have to help too, by collecting all the old linen from the beds.

If something breaks down like our train; it can tie up Mum and Dad and we have to keep out the way or get shouted at while they are fixing it, but most of the time it is good having my parents work here as they are always around when I need them. Mum doesn’t like it when we are out on the farm and it is tea time because our tea can become cold by the time we get back home, and I could not tell you the amount of cold dinners I have had.



growing up on a farm
Like every child, I love my parties and I love going to my friends’ parties but even my friends admit that mine are the best here on the farm, because we have a wider variety of friend groups as I share my party with my triplet brothers. When I was little my parties were a bit more structured and games more simple like pass the parcel but now Mum sets us some great challenges like treasure hunts, making our own Piñatas and tractor pulling, we always have so much fun.


(video from my 10th birthday party Mum made)


I like it when little children come because I love to play with them and see their little smiles but as much as I like the little once I also love to play with children my age, and show them the cool dens I have made or rope swings or start to make that sort of thing with them. So if you fancy the sound of Coombe Mill I would love to see you here on holiday!



Find out more about Coombe Mill on their website, on Facebook, and Twitter.

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