Life… in Reverse


We love to publish contributions from our young readers. This was written by 8 year old Janvi, from Cardiff. If

Being a Guinea Pig… Twin Research

being a guinea pig

No, Tina didn’t turn into the cute little furry rodent (although that would be awesome) but became a ‘subject of

Have you ever wondered…why leaves change colour in autumn?

leaves change colour

Autumn is a season of change; the weather gets colder, there’s less daylight and leaves change colour and fall from

Let Toys Be Toys

let toys be toys

Have you ever noticed that children’s toys are often labeled as “Boys” or “Girls” toys? Very often, the girls’ toy

Science News For Kids – Water Found on Mars

water found on mars

Until 3 billion years ago, Mars was a wet planet much like Earth. It had land, an extensive atmosphere and