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Who on Earth Invented Traffic Lights?!

traffic light

Every day we use hundreds of inventions without even thinking about it. In this series, we’ll be celebrating some of the most overlooked inventions, finding out what inspired their inventors and maybe even a few unexpected tales along the way.  Contributor Sally Anne asks… “Who on Earth invented… Traffic Lights?!”


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Do You Have the Denim Blues?

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Since Levi Strauss and Jacob Davies developed jeans all the way back in 1873, denim jeans have become the garment we reach for at the weekend. They are attractive, hard-wearing and versatile, so it’s no wonder that we spend so much time in them, and so much money on them. In the US alone about 450 million pairs of jeans are bought each year.
But what do you wear when you get bored of jeans? Is there really a comfortable, suitably casual alternative? Lissie, who blogs at GrungetoGoddess has some ideas for those who have the denim blues.


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6 Awesome Classic Books For Tweens

classic books for tweens

A book can transport the reader back in time. It is hard to imagine a time when we weren’t surrounded by modern technology, but if you read Anne of Green Gables, written by Lucy Maud Montgomery in 1908, suddenly you are bouncing alongside Matthew and Anne in their horse-drawn buggy. Anne and her ‘bosom friend’  Diana didn’t have Instagram to keep in touch, but you will recognise the friendship and fun they have, similar to the connection you have with your BFF!



Our ContiReporter Ailsa – Video Report from U17 Championship



Check out our ContiReporter’s fantastic video report from the Women’s U17 Championship, and tomorrow you can read her final report from the last day of her trip. 

If you missed part one and two, you can catch up now!

Ailsa went to the Women’s U17 Championship thanks to the kind support of Continental UK.