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What is Home Education Really Like?

My name is Alys. I’m nearly thirteen years old. I’ve been home educated since I was nine, but before I went to a Montessori school I was home educated.

Some people are worried that I won’t make friends, I’ve made so many friends through home education, I’ve known them nearly all my life.

I go to scouts and I’m in a swim club, I’ve got friends there too.

I was talking to my friends one day, and we were saying about all the strange questions we get asked about our lives. I’ve been asked math questions, and if I can spell such and such, but a lot of the time these questions are really, really easy. Nobody seems to think that we could, just maybe, be clever.

Also questions like. What time do you get up? Umm, when I need to. We go out to places quite early sometimes, and then you have to get up early, other times you don’t.

What lessons did you have today? I spent the morning at a group doing history with my friends…I did drawing…etc. There is a difference between home education, and home schooling, and here it is. Home schooling is just school at home. Home education is being educated at home, this is what my friends and I do. We go out places, we see things, we do Tudor re-enactments.

We learn while having fun. We also have more time to do what we want to do. I can Skype with my friends, we all live so far apart that this is one way we keep in touch. I can sit and draw all day if I wanted to. I can see my baby brother, and play with my two year old sister. I can write a blog, and practise music. I can bake and cook. But I can also sit down and do maths, if I want to.

Home education is part of my life. I’ve never been to a normal school, and I don’t want to right now.

I hope that I answered some of your questions.


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  1. 1

    this is so true. I have recently been thinking about going to school, but then I realised I like my life- my freedom too much

  2. 2

    I’m home educated to and some people can be really mean about it like I went to a lifesavers course and someone said that because I don’t go to school I will never amount to anything and the only job I will ever get is a bin women. Along with comments like ” but that’s against the law and you parents will be sent to prison” but it is not against the law and I am planning to be a wildlife photographer not a bin women.

  3. 4

    people do i to me thay say i will turn out a murderer and/or a thief
    i hate it some times i want to go to school so it stops

  4. 7

    Well HE kids above … have a look at this because it proves that HE kids on average got 36% higher on tests than schooled kids. They checked nearly 12,000 home educated children in America. You can tell those skeptics this.

  5. 9

    Hi my sisters are home ed, they left school a couple of months ago, and they are enjoying it they are 6&9 i am 11 years old and I leaving my secondary school after Christmas

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