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How to Jump into Politics

Are you interested in politics? Are you not sure?
Recently, we posted an interview with MP Hilary Alexander. where she talked about how she was inspired to get involved in politics and do positive things for people. She also said that if we don’t like the way things are, we have the power to change them. Sometimes, though, as a younger person, it can be a little bit hard to know where to start – especially if you’re under 16 and can’t vote yet. Here are a few things to think about if you want to ‘be the change you want to see’!



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What Is a Raspberry Pi… and How Does it Work?

You may have heard of a Raspberry Pi – a credit card sized computer that plugs into your keyboard and monitor – but exactly what IS a Raspberry Pi, how does it work and what can you do with it?
12 year old Elspeth takes a closer look at the mini-computer and explains how even young kids can use it to learn how computers work and how to code.