Jump! Into Politics – UK Students Fight for their Friend Yashika


There are many ways to get young people involved in politics. Now, more than ever before, the voices of the world’s youth can be heard. Many young campaign groups use Social Media to organise protests, or to raise awareness of issues that concern them.

Pupils of an English school are using Twitter and Facebook to share their petition to prevent the deportation of one of their classmates, who may be sent back to her home country of Mauritius without her family.

Local Conservative Member of Parliament David Burrowes tweeted at Oasis Sixth Form’s Twitter account: “am doing all I can to #FightForYashika and support her. Have made contact with Home Office to try and urgently stop deportation”.

Jump! Mag spoke to Yashika’s friend and classmate, Shantelle Creed to find out more.



Yashika Bageerathi, an inspirational student who attends Oasis Academy Hadley, came to the UK with her family in 2011 in order to escape abuse and danger from her home country of Mauritius. She is currently being held at a detention centre while her case is reviewed by Britain’s immigration authorities.


As Yashika has turned 18, her case has been separated from her family, and she faces being sent from the UK back to Mauritius, without her family. She will be sent back with no money and no where to live.


YashikaSince attending Oasis Academy,  Yashika has become known for her selfless acts across the academy, but her role as social ambassador extends far greater. Yashika is someone which could be continuously relied on, her passion and love for maths has seen her become a second maths teacher to many student in the academy. Her ability to continuously give up her time to help others with work, charity events and problems is something I personally can only dream of being able to do.


Losing Yashika would mean losing a role model and a future success. The decision would appear to be illogical, as Yashika has  studied immensely hard in order to achieve great results to attend her desired universities – for all that to be taken away is simply immoral.


This decision has caused wide spread outrage, with friends, students, family and teachers all expressing their frustration at situation. We are appealing for more support, there is an online petition for those over 18 years. We also advise people to follow the official @saveYashika account as well as tweeting #FightForYashika and #SaveYashika. Help us achieve justice. Thank you.


My name is Shantelle Creed I’m 17 and attend Oasis Academy Hadley. I am a friend of Yashika’s and I’m very committed to bring her justice. My interests include politics and reading. 

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