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Jump! Mag Writing Competition for Girls 2012 – Winner – Eden Rose, 10 years

 Winner of the First Jump! Mag Writing Competition in the 10 years and under category:

Eden Rose, 10 years old 



I’m really lucky to be an English girl living in Brighton, England because I have so much freedom to do what I like. Brighton is known for dressing up, the man who works down my street wears high heels, sparkly dresses and make-up because he is so eager to be a girl, but I was born this way.

In England girls are as well educated as boys, so we have a choice to do many different jobs when we are older. Even just having the choice to wear skirts, dresses, trousers or shorts. What I am trying to say is that being a girl comes with great opportunities, and to be honest I think being a girl comes with no down sides at all, it’s fantastic!!!!!!!

My role models are some famous female singers because they are able to say what they are feeling through songs, which I think puts more power into the meaning, and they are not afraid to dress how they want to dress. So for all the girls out there, don’t be scared to be who you are, you really can change the world!!!


I love School, I think my school is one of the best in Brighton. For example we don’t have to wear a school uniform which means you can wear whatever you like, but don’t think that you can come in wearing shorts that show your knickers and a sparkly tank top because you can’t, and any way that might give boys the wrong idea, but I’m telling you if they get too touchy grabby, I’ll slap them so hard or even drop kick them, because I’m a girl and its MY body and I have that power!!!


Me and all my School friends have a great time mucking about at lunchtime, even just the simple things like that which make school fun. I play with the boys too, because here its okay, we are all equal and I can. As for my teachers I think they are epic because sometimes they can be strict but most of the time they’re up for a laugh! but best of all, they help us learn great things.

I know in some other countries this is not the case. In some places in the world, girls are sometimes seen as less than boys and can even be forced to do things they don’t want to do, sometimes because of their culture, girls here can miss out too. A girl in my class who when we went on a really cool school trip for two nights, wasn’t allowed to go because her family who are very strict, felt it was bad for her and maybe she might enjoy the freedom too much. I really feel for girls like that because they don’t have as much freedom as us other girls and I wish that could all change so we where all equal.


I love being an English girl because  I know when I’m older I can be whatever I want be be…


I can be a builder, build fantastic houses and towers – sore achey muscles and dirty finger nails – maybe not.


I could be a firefighter, maybe that would be good – singed hair and eye brows, mmm maybe not.


I could be a soldier like my Grandad, travel the world and fight for the freedom of others, maybe even save the world – mmm, damp ditches and getting shot at – maybe not.


I could be a Fashion Designer like my Mum, she got to travel the world too, but no-one shot at her – Nah! – thats a bit too girly for this story.


I could be a Doctor –  yuk! – all that blood and guts – but I could be someone who helps people get better, yeah that would be really cool, maybe I really could be a Doctor.


I could be a Tattooist, that would be epic, I love art, and Tattoos are just so cool and my art could last a lifetime.


Best of all I could be a Mum and a Wife and STILL be any of these things, or none at all, because I’m a girl and it’s MY choice.



Being a girl ROCKS!!



 Featured Image by William A Franklin




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    this young girl is a very deep and intelligent thinker. she is passionate and balanced and will go on to be an amazing adut….she needs to thank her clever parents for bringing her up with respect for herself and great sole and belief . well done,

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