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A Poem – Sadness is a Storm

This poem was sent to us by one of our talented young readers, 14 year old Rebekah.

Sadness is a storm.

A clap of thunder,

As you howl and wail,

Yet through it all,

You still prevail.

Nothing withstands

The heart of the tempest.

Ominous clouds loom,

Lightning flashes.

Light still gets through.

It gives you a glimpse,

Of hope pure and true

All’s well once more,

With the subsiding of the storm.


Love is a butterfly,

The sole survivor of the storm.

Delicate and fragile,

It watches the world go by.

You could shatter it,

Should you choose,

Yet you prefer to preserve,

Beg it to stay.

Keep it safe,

As it thrashes around,

In a brightly blooming

Cage of roses.

You wish to free,

It chooses to stay.

Whenever he leaves,

You feel a small part break,

Longing for a safe return.


Featured Image by Sylvain Guiheneuc

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  1. 1
    Jeanne de Montbaston

    This is seriously good. I love the opening lines in particular, and the rhythm. Also the image of the butterfly thrashing around in the cage of roses.

  2. 2

    I really like this. It has a good flow, and rhythm, that I enjoyed.

  3. 3

    beautiful words! weirdly I’ve just written a story about a glass butterfly shattering – and this gave me the same mind image 🙂 Keep on writing

  4. 4

    This is such a beautiful poem. I really love the imagery of the butterfly in the tempest.

    Please do keep writing x

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