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Writing Competition for Girls – Nicola, 11 Years

Hi, My name is Nicola. I’m 11 yrs old and am a Scout. I have been through Beavers and Cubs, and enjoyed them both enormously.   Last weekend, I went on a camp called BrumVenture, where Scouts from all over the County, camp at Pikes Pool for the weekend. 

You do not have to go with your Scout Troop, any Birmingham Scout can apply, and you mix with lots of other Scouts from right across the City.   BrumVenture is a badge camp, where you can choose which badge you do from a choice of about 12 badges.   Some of the badges were – pioneering, radio communicators, DIY, kayaking, cycling, mechanics or photography.  I chose Forester badge.   We learned about different types of trees, and also learned how to use axes and saws safely.

The camp itself was excellent.  We had lovely food – all cooked by Scouts doing the Camp Cook Badge – and we were lucky enough to have great weather too.

In the evenings, there was a camp fire on the one evening and a quiz on the other. The camp fire in particular was loads of fun with lots of songs and lots of fun.

What made this even better than other camps I’ve been on, was that we were visited by Bear Grylls, the Chief Scout.  He arrived and left by helicopter, and stayed for 55mins, and went round to lots of the badges, and had a go at some of the activities. At the end, as he ran back up the hill to his helicopter, ha gave as many Scouts as he could a ‘high five’. I was lucky enough to get a ‘high five’ off Bear Grylls.

The camp was good fun and I learnt lots of new skills and made some new friends. I’m looking forward to my next camp in December.

That’s what real girls do to have fun.



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