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Jump! Mag Writing Competition for Girls – Winner – Caitie, 12 years


Winner of the first Jump! Mag Writing Competition in the 11 to 13 years age group is Caitie. 


I have always enjoyed being a girl for so many reasons. Reasons like that we are beautiful that we are amazing we are smart but when I think about being a girl I realise that  some girls around the world don’t get the opportunity to be smart or to be beautiful.

Every one of us of is beautiful but some girls have had the taken away from them through poverty. We all have the potential to be smart but some girls don’t get to go to school either because they are not as valued as men or boys in their culture are or their families cannot afford education.

I love everything about being a girl there is nothing I hate about it. But one thing I do hate is how some girls are treated around the world that we are treated as if we aren’t as important as men.

People I look up to include sporting heroes women who have made a difference in the way we are treated and women who have done some incredible things.

The sporting heroes include Jessica Ennis who has inspired me to become a heptathlete. Hannah Miley who has made me want to become a better swimmer. Ellie Simonds who has made me realise no matter what you can still achieve your dream.

In the category of women who have made a difference is Anne Frank. Finally in the category of girls who have done incredible things is Helen Skelton a Blue Peter presenter she has broken many world records and proved if you’re a girl you can still do amazing things.

This international day of the girl we are celebrating girls everywhere and making a difference so that hopefully, one day we will have a world where girls are treated the same as men and we won’t have to protest to get equal rights.

By Caitie age 12




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