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Writing Competition for Girls, Alice 10 Years

If you live a life of being a girl, and then live a life being a boy, you will notice colossal differences. Being a girl, you have make-up and fashion, gossip and rumours. But then you also have sometimes underestimation. Just because you are a girl, some people think men work, and they support the family with money. The girl stays home and does housework and is the parent. Being a boy, you don’t have much make-up, and mostly take much less time over what you wear. That is completely fine, and in many cases, better.

I think being a girl has its ups and downs. Having community pressure about how you look is definitely a down. You don’t even notice it’s happening. But then knowing you have millions of little eggs which could turn into a baby, even if you don’t want a baby, it is still amazing, isn’t it?

In the ‘Olden Times’ people used to think, like I said, girls do the housework and parenting, and boys work. That’s why girls mainly stayed home, and sometimes didn’t go to school. They just got taught housework and knitting. It  really amazes me and elates me that we got past those times, and we are here now, where girls mainly get treated just like men. No disadvantages, no advantages. And, personally, that is how I think it should stay.

I have hardly any role models. I do believe that there should be a good, strong person to look up to, but you shouldn’t try and completely lead your life the way they did. You should live your life, not try and live someone else’s.

I do very much look up to Demi Lovato. She was heavily bullied in her school, abused and hurt, and she hid all this until about 16. People found out, and she went through many traumatic times, and slowly, slowly got better. Now she is a widely famous star, and is a judge on X-Factor, and still is strong.

I look up to my dad as well, very much. He is kind, nice, and very funny. He has always helped me along life’s stepping stones, and I am sort of dreading when I finally have to let go and lead my own path. But I do know he’ll always be there whenever I need him.

Being a girl is fantastic, but still, shouldn’t be classed as better than boys. We are totally different, but we should still should be treated exactly the same.



Thankyou, and I would just like to say, I think the idea is


really great! It is sad that not all girls, or boys for that matter,


in poorer countries don’t get the essential education they


need. I think it should be a person’s right everywhere that you


can get educated. It may be your choice if you take it or not,


but also it has to be the person who is going to be educated’s


descion. They are the one’s who will have to do it in the first




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  1. 1

    I think that the way girls and boys are different is nice because it means that we all like different things, but it is kind of annoying the way that sometimes when you say that you really like something, boys can say ‘oh that’s for girls!’.
    Personally, I don’t like the idea that there is girls things and boys things because I think that we should all be able to like different things and colours.

  2. 2

    It’s great to know the differences between boys and girly, but it’s just wrong to compare two completely different genders! 1. Every one is different 2. There’s nothing to compare!
    It’s also unfair the way girls are made to look weak for example: “You scream like a girl” or “You throw like a girl” Boys are counted as stronger and better at sport while girls are the quiet goody goody two shoes! Boys are funny, courages and better? I don’t think so! We’re all individuals and shouldn’t be put into genders!

    xxx Daisy

  3. 3

    Yes, I find some of the boys in my class are very sexist. “Oh, I can’t do THAT, it’s girly!” or, one of them, “No! I can’t sit on that table, it has girls on it!” I personally had thought that sort of phase had sort of ended, but unfortunately I am mistaken.
    Thank you again for reading my work and commenting! It’s very helpful, and it’s lovely hearing from you!
    Alice xxx

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