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Jump! Mag Writing Competition for Girls – Zara, Six Years Old


Zara was the youngest participant in the Jump! Mag Writing Competition for Girls. We think she has a great career ahead of her as a writer, and look forward to her further contributions to Jump! Mag.

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I have my own bus that has my name on the front in big red letters. I’m very lucky because I have lots of toys and a little sister who is annoying sometimes but very funny. I like reading Roald Dahl books and I like going to school.

My favourite part of school is lunch time because I can play on the tyres. I wrote a story at school about a dragon who was guarding a castle with a prince and a dinosaur inside.

When I grow up, I want to be like Mummy because she has beautiful hair and I would like to be a coffee shop lady and work in Mummy’s coffee shop.

love my teacher, Mrs Rogers because she teaches me lots of things.

I don’t think it’s fair that some girls aren’t allowed to go to school. But I hope they all have a Mummy to look after them.

My favourite thing to do is digging holes in the garden. I am going to dig to Australia.

The best thing about being a girl is playing with girls toys. I like hair style barbies. I used to want to be a hairdresser but now I want to work in Mummy’s shop.

I don’t like bedtime or eating horrible food.


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Writing Competition

Jump! Mag Writing Competition for Girls – Winner – Amelia 15 years

Our Writing Competition Winner in the age category 14 to 16 years is Amelia



What does it mean to you, that you are a girl?

To many, being a girl means the make-up, the hair, the clothes and that perfect size 6 figure. It’s all about the glitz and glam, and being from Essex that stereotype is bigger than ever, where people believe it’s a compulsory part of any girl’s everyday look to have a tangerine coloured spray tan.

Jodie Marsh, Amy Childs and Katie Price are now at the forefront of society for being ideal role models for young girls to aspire to, so if we don’t have the right length hair extensions or correct coloured fake nails then we obviously don’t fit the model of the idealistic ‘girly girl’ image.

So if we don’t fit this image then what about the ‘brainy girl’ image that being a girl is all about to others? The ‘Geek-Chic’ type. Girls are forever being compared to the likes of Charlotte Bront? for her magical writing skills that are known worldwide through novels such as ‘Jane Eyre’ or even Marie Curie for her phenomenal scientific experiments that won her many Nobel prizes, because these are the women that made a mark in the history books, women that thoroughly changed the meaning of ‘being a girl’.

But what if we girls don’t fit these typical images? What if we don’t conform to the stereotypes set by our society? Does this make us abnormal?

No, it shouldn’t and it doesn’t. Being a girl means so much more than the brains and the beauty, because ‘A Plain Jane’ has just as much to offer to society as a Miss World winner.

A waitress can change the lives of others just as much as a Neuroscientologist, because being a girl is about the personality; what you bring to your life and the lives of others.

To me it’s about being an individual that plays a valid and trusted role within my friendship groups and family; it’s about being there for the people who need support at difficult times and doing what I can to be the best I can be, whether that includes brains and beauty or not. It doesn’t mean from time to time we can’t be a little stroppy or have the classic diva moments because that’s just part of being a teenage girl.

But as long as we can put our stamp on society, however small it may be, then we’ve achieved so much since the days when woman were just society’s pretty little accessory and men were considered to be the almighty gender.

To me being a girl is about being whoever I want to be, not what society tells me I should be – and if a little glitz and glam comes with that then so be it, it’s up to me to decide.



Amelia, Age 15 years



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Writing Competition

Jump! Mag Writing Competition for Girls – Winner – Caitie, 12 years


Winner of the first Jump! Mag Writing Competition in the 11 to 13 years age group is Caitie. 


I have always enjoyed being a girl for so many reasons. Reasons like that we are beautiful that we are amazing we are smart but when I think about being a girl I realise that  some girls around the world don’t get the opportunity to be smart or to be beautiful.

Every one of us of is beautiful but some girls have had the taken away from them through poverty. We all have the potential to be smart but some girls don’t get to go to school either because they are not as valued as men or boys in their culture are or their families cannot afford education.

I love everything about being a girl there is nothing I hate about it. But one thing I do hate is how some girls are treated around the world that we are treated as if we aren’t as important as men.

People I look up to include sporting heroes women who have made a difference in the way we are treated and women who have done some incredible things.

The sporting heroes include Jessica Ennis who has inspired me to become a heptathlete. Hannah Miley who has made me want to become a better swimmer. Ellie Simonds who has made me realise no matter what you can still achieve your dream.

In the category of women who have made a difference is Anne Frank. Finally in the category of girls who have done incredible things is Helen Skelton a Blue Peter presenter she has broken many world records and proved if you’re a girl you can still do amazing things.

This international day of the girl we are celebrating girls everywhere and making a difference so that hopefully, one day we will have a world where girls are treated the same as men and we won’t have to protest to get equal rights.

By Caitie age 12




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Writing Competition

Jump! Mag Writing Competition for Girls 2012 – Winner – Eden Rose, 10 years

 Winner of the First Jump! Mag Writing Competition in the 10 years and under category:

Eden Rose, 10 years old 



I’m really lucky to be an English girl living in Brighton, England because I have so much freedom to do what I like. Brighton is known for dressing up, the man who works down my street wears high heels, sparkly dresses and make-up because he is so eager to be a girl, but I was born this way.

In England girls are as well educated as boys, so we have a choice to do many different jobs when we are older. Even just having the choice to wear skirts, dresses, trousers or shorts. What I am trying to say is that being a girl comes with great opportunities, and to be honest I think being a girl comes with no down sides at all, it’s fantastic!!!!!!!

My role models are some famous female singers because they are able to say what they are feeling through songs, which I think puts more power into the meaning, and they are not afraid to dress how they want to dress. So for all the girls out there, don’t be scared to be who you are, you really can change the world!!!


I love School, I think my school is one of the best in Brighton. For example we don’t have to wear a school uniform which means you can wear whatever you like, but don’t think that you can come in wearing shorts that show your knickers and a sparkly tank top because you can’t, and any way that might give boys the wrong idea, but I’m telling you if they get too touchy grabby, I’ll slap them so hard or even drop kick them, because I’m a girl and its MY body and I have that power!!!


Me and all my School friends have a great time mucking about at lunchtime, even just the simple things like that which make school fun. I play with the boys too, because here its okay, we are all equal and I can. As for my teachers I think they are epic because sometimes they can be strict but most of the time they’re up for a laugh! but best of all, they help us learn great things.

I know in some other countries this is not the case. In some places in the world, girls are sometimes seen as less than boys and can even be forced to do things they don’t want to do, sometimes because of their culture, girls here can miss out too. A girl in my class who when we went on a really cool school trip for two nights, wasn’t allowed to go because her family who are very strict, felt it was bad for her and maybe she might enjoy the freedom too much. I really feel for girls like that because they don’t have as much freedom as us other girls and I wish that could all change so we where all equal.


I love being an English girl because  I know when I’m older I can be whatever I want be be…


I can be a builder, build fantastic houses and towers – sore achey muscles and dirty finger nails – maybe not.


I could be a firefighter, maybe that would be good – singed hair and eye brows, mmm maybe not.


I could be a soldier like my Grandad, travel the world and fight for the freedom of others, maybe even save the world – mmm, damp ditches and getting shot at – maybe not.


I could be a Fashion Designer like my Mum, she got to travel the world too, but no-one shot at her – Nah! – thats a bit too girly for this story.


I could be a Doctor –  yuk! – all that blood and guts – but I could be someone who helps people get better, yeah that would be really cool, maybe I really could be a Doctor.


I could be a Tattooist, that would be epic, I love art, and Tattoos are just so cool and my art could last a lifetime.


Best of all I could be a Mum and a Wife and STILL be any of these things, or none at all, because I’m a girl and it’s MY choice.



Being a girl ROCKS!!



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Writing Competition

Jump Mag! Writing Competition for Girls … and the winners are…

We are delighted to announce the winners of our first Writing Competition for Girls.  


Age 10 years and under: Eden Rose, 10 years old

Age 11 – 13 years: Catie, 12 years old

Age 14 – 14 years: Amelia, 15 years old


Choosing a winner was incredibly difficult as the standard of writing was so high, and we would have loved to have awarded a prize to each and every one of you. 

We will be share all the entries on Jump! Mag over the coming weeks.


The three winners will each receive:

Six months membership of Wordebite – a website where you can read fiction online 

and a copy of

The Book Book, from the artist Sophie Benini Pietromanchi. 




“Artist Sophie Benini Pietromarchi invites children on a unique and poetic journey into the world of bookmaking. Exploring colors, textures, shapes, and feelings, she demonstrates how to turn these intangible elements into pictorial narratives, using such unlikely fodder as pencil shavings, onions, dust, and leaves.

This visual feast of a book evolved from Pietromarchi’s bookmaking workshops with children. Playfully narrated, and packed with captivating and inventive illustrations, The Book Book is a tribute to the rich, imaginative world in all of us.”


We had a sneak peek at The Book Book and absolutely loved it. It is sure to inspire our lucky winners to write wonderful stories (which we hope they will share with us).




Wordebite offers young writers a platform to share their work, and young readers a place to read great fiction, alongside videos, trailers and blogs.




Thank you all for taking part, and sharing your thoughts and dreams with us here at Jump! Mag, and with our readers.




Many thanks to Tara Books for donating the book prizes. Do check out their other books and follow them on Facebook and Twitter


Thanks to Wordebite for donating the Website Membership prizes. Check out their website for more information, and follow them on Twitter