Writing Competition

Writing Competition for Girls, Polly, 9 Years

What I like about Being A Girl is that you are kind of more trusted than boys. Well, at least that’s what I think. I have thought that since I had started school, because then you know what more Boys and girls are like. And since then, I really do think my First Sentence on this is true.

What I also like about Being A Girl is Birthdays. And Christmas, and all those types of festive occasions. Even though those type of things come to boys as well, I just think that sometimes girls get more of what they want in some way. [I don’t know why, because of course I am not a boy. And even if I was, I would not enter anyway because why would I want a girls prize! I just kind of feel it. I don’t know how, I just do.]  And also that girls are more intelligent than boys. I worked that out because in the Top Group for Literacy, there are 4 girls and NO boys at all. Really, if you went to my School, and happened to some way Inspect our Classroom, you would see for yourself.

And also that girls get more good things, like books, and Bedside Lights. And also that Girls get to wear trousers and skirts, and boys just get to wear trousers on their legs. Because if they wore skirts, they would seriously look weird.


​What I don’t like about Being A Girl is that I think boys have more fun in the Playground in School Playtime. They do these cool games called Manhunt that the girls don’t usually get to join in. And also because boys are kind of meaner and naughtier than girls, so if they do something good, the teacher would give them a sticker or something. While the girls do something good, the teacher only says ‘Well done’ or ‘ Good girl!’ or something like that. Now compare them.



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