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The World’s Longest Loom Band

worlds longest loomband



What is the longest loom band that you’ve been able to make? Perhaps you managed to make one long enough to skip with, but have you ever wondered about the world’s longest loom band?

In March 2014 more than 500 people in Tustin, California, created an 8,851 metre chain as part of a cancer fundraiser for a seven-year-old.

In July 2014 pupils at a school in Somerset made a 200 metre long loom band chain containing 60,000 bands.

A young boy called Skye aimed to ‘Loom to the Moon’. Skye was diagnosed with brain cancer in 2013, and while in the hospital, he came up with the idea to make the longest loom band, that would stretch to the moon! The moon is 384,400 km from Earth, so that is a LOT of Loombands! 

Sadly, Skye died in August 2014, but his family are continuing to Loom to the Moon, and are raising money to fund research into cancer treatment for kids. Here is the appeal from their website, and you can also follow Loom to the Moon on Facebook.



EDIT – September 2014 

When we wrote this article back in July, we didn’t expect it to be one of our most read articles! Hundreds of people find this article every week by googling ‘Worlds longest loom band’. We decided to update this with a bit more information on Loombands – the story of the inventor of Loombands can be found here.



Featured Image by Pete, via Flickr

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    How meny bands did this take to make

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    How long did it take to make. Also how many hours did it take:) 😉 LOL

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