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Six Ace Classroom Gadgets You Won’t Want to Miss

gadgets for school

There’s no getting around it – school can sometimes feel like a drag. We’re willing to bet that some of these cool gadgets and new technology would make school life much easier!

MemoryOnHand USB wristband


With this handy USB wristband you’ll never forget your assignment at home! We love this jade and turquoise 8GB USB stick. The manufacturer is based in the US, but they do ship internationally – send your mum or dad here to order. We didn’t find the same one in UK, but these are quite cool, and this one even has a watch.


wrist band USB


Fancy Rainbow Highlighters


These cheerful rainbow highlighters won’t make studying any easier, we admit, but they are guaranteed to make it more fun! Parents can order online here (US) and here (UK).



rainbow highlighters



Logitech Washable Keyboard


Convince mum or dad to buy one of these, and you’ll never get in trouble for drinking juice near the computer again. This Logitech Washable Keyboard can be held under running water and contains drainage holes for quick drying. Buy online here in US and here in UK. 
Logitech washable keyboard


Belkin Rock Star Multi-Headphone Splitter


Long school bus trips will be loads more fun when you can share your music with up to four other friends. Just plug the Rock Star into your headphone jack, plug your headphones into the five star points and go! Mum or dad can order it online at the US Apple Store or the UK Apple Store.


headphone splitter



Livescribe smartpens


It would take a LOT of saving up and/or collective Christmas gifts to afford the Livescribe pen, but this gadget was too cool not to include!

Using either a USB cable, wifi or Bluetooth, the Livescribe smartpen records everything it writes and hears digitally – so you have your notes and important lessons in handy digital format whenever you need them.  Prices start around £75 for the Echo model (which uses a cable), so this might be on your wishlist for some time still. US site here



Moleskine Evernote Smart Notebook


A slightly cheaper option than the smartpen is Moleskine’s Evernote. With specially lined and ruled pages, the Evernote can be used together with the Evernote Page Camera (an app for smartphones and tablets) to take a clear digital image of the page. You can then customise the digital version to be easily searchable and shareable. Find out more and buy online here in UK and here in US.



Just for fun…

If your delicious school lunch is the envy of all your classmates (lucky you!), you’ll love this idea – sandwich bags with fake mould on them to put off would-be thieves.

 anti-theft lunch bag


This cheeky “Sleep Safe Tape” is perfect for drifting off during class. You didn’t hear about it from us!

Sadly, both products, by designer Sherwood Forlee, appear to be out of production. Please bring them back!

sleep safe tape

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By Rebecca Dodd

Rebecca is Jump! Mag’s Social Media Intern, and a freelance online journalist.

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