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My name is Daisy, I’m eleven years old and although I am English, I have lived in Germany nearly all my life! I speak German and English and can read and write both too. I enjoy writing and listening to music and am the middle child of three. My mother is an author.

Does your school have a school uniform? Having to wear those scratchy skirts? Tight stockings? With our normal clothes, you can show what kind of person you are! You can send a message out to the world with how you dress, what makeup you were and how you have your hair done!

School uniforms are stopping all this. Not being allowed to choose what to wear seems so unfair! Wouldn’t it be fair if we could choose if we wanted uniforms or not? People are debating on school uniforms and deciding if they should stay!

We want them to be fair we have to be fair too, though! School uniforms make it recognizable which school you go to! Make it obvious how high standards your school is! Negative things about schools without uniforms are  for one, you have the getting up in the morning and not knowing what to wear, that leads often to coming late, but that isn’t the actual problem: Kids these days are really brandy! What does brandy mean? You only wear brands and judge people by what they own and not who they are!


This is sadly the case at most schools without school uniforms. If you don’t always wear brands and expensive clothes people often assume that you are poor and have no money and that is a source for being bullied. I for once have been given the choice of wearing brands or not and said no. I own a few brand things but not too many and hardly wear the things that I have, I believe in having your own personal style.


But people don’t just get bullied for the clothes they wear! There’s also the cellphone you own, what size your TV is, how many iPads you have and so on. All that kind of ridiculous things where you wonder, why do you even care? All these things add up to being ‘cool’ or not. Why can’t people just be happy with what they have and not just be sad about what they don’t? Something you’re going to need to know is: you’ll never have everything you want. There will always be some amazing thing that your friend next door has that you don’t! I’d be glad to be proved wrong, though! If you have everything you want and wanted then please let me know. But think about it before you do! I bet there is something you don’t have, material or something else!



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  1. 1

    I think we should all wear our own clothes as it expresses our personality and style. But i also like the fact of wearing a tie.

  2. 2

    You’re right! but maybe schools could have a ban on branded clothes? then people could still wear what they want, but school kids wouldn’t become corporal slogans.

  3. 3

    I am glad we have uniform at the school I go to.
    This is because of peer pressure. Even if you don’t get teased,
    you may feel pressured to keep up with the current trends
    and wear designer labels. However, I think that every
    so often, say every half term, schools should have
    a non uniform day.

  4. 4

    I have just started a new school with a school uniform, my old one didn’t have one, and I find that I don’t get teased as much!!

  5. 5

    I agree with Mia we should be able to wear what we want when we want just beacaues we go to school dose not mean that they can change us

  6. 6

    im glad we dont have uniforms because i like showing the real me not the person who is known to have to wear dark green and plaid….ill look like a bagpipe….no thank you ill pass on that

  7. 7

    you should have to wear a uniform as you are less likely to be bullied in uniform that in a non-uniform school. also you don’t have to worry about what to wear and if it is an expensive brand. I am not saying that it is bad not to wear uniform. i hope i don’t upset anyone with this

    • 8

      Hi Emily, a lot of people feel the same way as you do, and you have given a couple of very good arguments in favour of school uniforms. Thanks for your comment!

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