5 Fab and Easy World Book Day Costumes

Eek, only another few days, and you haven’t decided what to wear! We have some fantastic ideas for easy World Book Day costumes!


Pippi Longstocking


At last! A reason for keeping all those odd socks – they are perfect for a Pippi Longstocking costume. An old pinafore or smock, with a stripy t-shirt, odd socks and some red hair dye! There is a fantastic tutorial here, on how to do Pippi-style braids.  Don’t forget the freckles!


Ok, so this is really cheating a bit, but he’s in a couple of books, and he’s such fun to make! Team this head with a plain blue t-shirt, and you are done! There are loads of tutorials online for making creepers or other Minecraft character.


Mary Poppins and Bert


Both these costumes are quick and easy to put together. For the chimney sweep, you will need dark clothes, a waistcoat and a bright red scarf. Rub some soot onto your face for true chimney sweep likeness. You’ll need a brush or broom of some kind.

For Mary Poppins, wear a long dark skirt, white blouse and red bowtie or scarf. Pin some flowers onto a hat, and take large bag and an umbrella with you.


Paddington Bear


A duffle coat, a big hat, wellington boots, a suitcase and a marmalade sandwich. Sorted!


Kamala Khan / Ms Marvel


Ok, this one will take a little bit of work, but still doable! You’ll need a blue pinafore, and some yellow felt to make the lightning. A long piece of red material to make the cape, and some felt for the mask. Red tights, and a lot of attitude!


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