Send a Story Around the World – STORY B – Part Two – Harrow School, Hong Kong


This is the second part of STORY B of our #sendastory project. You can read the entire story so far on this page. This chapter was written by the pupils of Harrow School, Hong Kong.


Harrow International School Hong Kong

Harrow International School Hong Kong is the first international boarding and day school in Hong Kong. Set into the hills, it has tremendous views across the marina, and shopping promenade of the Gold Coast and, beyond, to the harbour and Lantau Island in the distance.





Nowhere.  This was strange – he was sure he had heard the sound of the dart hitting the board.  In confusion, Marc searched for the lost dart, scrabbling on his hands and knees.  His aunt was in the doorway, her piercing amber eyes sent a shiver up Marc’s spine.  He turned around; he was surrounded by darkness.  There were no walls, no ceiling, no floor…nothing.  All was gone except Marc, the map and his aunt.

 Turning back to his aunt, Marc swore he saw traces of a smile. 

 Then it all happened too quickly; a pale, cold hand, with long black fingernails tore through the map. The elongated fingers wrapped themselves around his neck, choking him.  He was pulled into the map.  Marc shut his eyes fiercely and screamed in terror.  He was falling…falling…falling…

 He landed.  Where was he?  This wasn’t quite the adventure he’d had in mind.

 It was ice cold, as cold as the hand that had choked him.  Trembling, Marc sat up, opening his eyes.  The barren wasteland stretched before him.  A harsh wind cackled as it blew wildly, whipping across the landscape.

 As his senses awakened, he turned around.  An abandoned station hunched against the cruel wind; a dim green light pierced through its rusting metal frame.  To the left of the station, was a sign: ‘Welcome to Ellesmere Island’. 

 Swift dark figures danced just beyond his vision and Marc thought he saw a pale, translucent face in the window.



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