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We are lucky in the western world. We are entitled to a free education until the age of 18. You might not always feel like going to school, but you are able to learn about loads of different topics, which will help you find a job when you are older. Not only that, but school can be great fun too – we bet you have a favourite subject, that you love to learn about.

A lot of children across the world don’t have this opportunity. Sometimes it is because the children are too poor to be able to afford to go to school, and there is no way they can pay for uniform, travel and schoolbooks. Sometimes it is because the government doesn’t provide free education where they live. Sometimes it is simply because they are girls. You might have seen the story of the girls in Nigeria who have been kidnapped, because they wanted to go to school – we are all hoping very much that they are soon home with their families. Now more than ever, it is vital to ensure children can go to school safely.

In 2013 a new campaign was set up to ensure children all over the world are able to access education, until they reach the end of primary school (around 11 years old). This campaign is called “A World At School” and it is inspiring people all over the world to support the right to an education. It has four main offices in New York, London, Los Angeles and Washington DC, and over 500 Ambassadors who campaign in 80 different countries.

According to A World At School, 57 million children across the world don’t have the right to learn. The [infopopup:un] set several goals in 2010 to be achieved by 2015, one of which is education of all children. A World At School was formed to try and ensure this goal is met.

Many campaigners with A World At School are children just like you. This very online magazine you are reading has had articles about campaigners like Malala Yousafzai, who fights for the right for girls in Pakistan to be educated, and about the lives of children all around the world. There is something you can do if you want to and if you are 12 years or older. A World At School has what are known as Youth Ambassadors, who raise awareness and campaign on their behalf.  Don’t forget to ask your parent or caregiver first!

Education is important. It gives us all choices in what we do with our lives, and helps us to look after ourselves when we grow up. Of course, not everything you learn is something you are interested in, but just imagine if you didn’t have the chance to learn anything at all!

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