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Movie Making Camp for Girls – Camp Reel

Have you ever thought about the people who make movies? Did you know that less that 20% of the main decision making positions in the media are held by women? This obviously affects the way that women and girls are portrayed on screen.



With media platforms like YouTube or Vimeo,  its easier to get friends together and write, direct, edit your own shows and distribute them for the world to see, but where do you start? How can you make a movie? One way is to take part in a Apple Camp – check the link to see if there is one in your area.

Once you have been making films for a while, you may want to learn more about how movies are made, and how to put them together. A new venture in California aims to help girls do this – on a one week camp.

Our contributor Annie May had a chat with Esther from Camp Reel to find out more.



The Nokia Be Remarkable Conference for Girls


Nokia Remarkable Women is a recently developed celebration and community of women challenging conventions, bravely being different and inspiring others.

The fantastic and first Nokia Be Remarkable Conference for Girls was held on December 1st, in Holborn, London, a day of lively discussion, dance and creativity for girls between 11-14.  

There was an opportunity to see Ruby Doha and Kimberley Wilson from Great British Bake Off 2013 speak about their experiences on the programme, how it was to be put under pressure in the public eye, and their tips on how to pursue your dreams and overcome the struggles we all experience.

Kimberley and Ruby answered a range of interesting questions from the audience, before signing autographs and posing for photographs with fans.

We were lucky enough to catch up with Kimberley and Ruby, and you can read what advice they had to give on being self- confident soon on Jump! Mag.

The day included taking part in 4 different workshops, where the attendees were put into groups and got to take part in each exciting and varied activity, including:







It really was a fantastic day,  and such a great opportunity to discuss ideas and opportunities open to us and of course – make whole new bunch of friends!

There are plans to hold many more of these events in the future, so keep your eye on the Nokia Remarkable Women website in order to be able to secure your place! 


Science, Nature and Tech

Under the Sea with the RRS Discovery

Last month the The RRS Discovery, the most advanced research ship was launched in Southampton.
At £75 million it is one of the most expensive research ships ever commissioned. It measures at  just over 100 metres long, with seven main laboratories and a bridge like the Starship Enterprise! It has just begun expeditions around the British Isles, currently examining the UK’s continental shelf, a band of sea floor around 50m-100m deep.

“These shelves are really very important,” says Dr Sanders from the National Oceanography Centre in Southampton. “There is a lot going on in the shelf seas and we need to understand how they work so we can safeguard their future.”


Home, Health & Style, Sports

Kymberlee Jay – Professional dancer and Remarkable Woman!

Award winning choreographer and dancer specialising in underground styles including street dance, Kymberlee Jay has 21 years of experience and has  worked with a variety of companies and clients including Nike and Madonna. What makes her unique?  She’s self taught and prefers masculine hip hop moves – beating the boys at their own game!
Remarkable Women connected by Nokia is a celebration of 50 women who are true ‘Unfollowers.’ These Remarkable Women are challenging normal conventions, bravely being different and inspiring others.

What made you agree to be part of the Remarkable Women campaign, and what do you hope to achieve with your involvement?