12 Awesome Women Explorers



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12 Awesome Women Explorers is the first in a series of books about remarkable and often unknown women.

If you google the words ‘famous explorers’ or ‘famous adventurers’, you’ll probably find lists a bit like these ones. Notice anything weird?


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Yes! There are very few women – in some lists none at all! That can’t be right, surely? Even in times past, when women weren’t allowed to vote, or dictate their own lives, some of them must have broken free and explored the word.

That is why I decided to write about the famous women who aren’t in the history books, or on these research websites! And when I started to search for the women, I was astonished at how many there were, and what fabulous adventures they’d had.


I found the story of Gudrid, who left her home in Iceland around a thousand years ago, sailing first to Greenland and then on to North America.

Centuries later, the polar explorer Louise Boyd inherited a fortune, and used it to discover the arctic.

Mae Jemison left the earth, as the first African American woman to rocket into space – inspiring millions of little girls.


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