Lucy Evans, InstaExplorer

Lucy Evans is a modern day explorer! A teen with adventure in her heart and a smartphone in her pocket, Lucy explores the world and describes what she sees.

Lucy is a smart, connected young girl who loves adventure as much as she loves her trusty smartphone. In the style of old-fashioned adventure stories, the InstaExplorer books are brought right up to date, with fun pictures from Lucy’s Instagram account, and details of online research.

The books were initially released for Kindle, but we’ve had so many requests, we are releasing them in print.

Want to know what it is like to live in a different country, or how children in other countries celebrate festivals? Lucy Evans can help!


The Olympias Clue – Print Edition 





IMG_03In the first book in the series, The Olympias Clue, Lucy is sent to stay with her aunt, while her diplomat mother is stationed in Afghanistan. Her journey begins in a small town in Greece, where between sending fun messages to her friends back home, and exploring her new home, Lucy makes an intriguing discovery in an overgrown park. Ancient Greek carvings on hidden marble stone – and a clue to a long lost part of history.




 The Olympias Clue and Dragon’s Rock – Kindle Edition

Lucy Evans, InstaExplorer


As a free addition to Olympias Clue, as described above, you receive a free preview of  Dragon’s Rock! This book will be adapted and extended in a future edition. Fresh from her incredible first adventure, Lucy heads to Wales and falls feet first into another mystery. A missing businesswoman, a lost handbag, a tumbledown castle ruin … Lucy will have to work fast to save the day!


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 Christmas in Greece – Kindle 

Discover the traditions and heritage of Greek Christmas with this series of short stories. Join with Lucy and her aunt as they find out how children (and adult!) celebrate the festive season, and learn about the food and fun events that are enjoyed.

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Carnival in Germany – Kindle

lucy_evans_helau_coverIf you enjoyed Millie Slavidou’s Lucy Evans, InstaExplorer, then you will love her new book, which sees Lucy head to Germany. You may have heard of the Carnival in Rio, or in Venice, but did you know that Germany celebrates Carnival too? In the Cologne and Düsseldorf area of the Rhineland it is called Karneval, and further south it is called Fasching.

IMG_0062Carnival in Germany is set in the city of Würzburg, which is an hour south of Frankfurt, in the region of Franconia. You can find out about the carnival, how it is celebrated, and about the lives of normal kids in Franconia, seen through the eyes of Lucy Evans – as ever, armed with her smartphone and her Instagram account!

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