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Sew a Super Simple Skirt

Do you like sewing but never know what to make? Try this really simple pattern for sewing a skirt with an elasticated waist.

You need:
fabric (cotton would be ideal)

matching or contrasting thread


ribbon (optional)

measuring tape


sewing machine

safety pin

iron + ironing board

pinking shears (optional)

This is an ideal beginners project as you only have to sew straight lines.
1. Take your measurements
A: around your waist (add at least 50 %, depending how full you want the skirt to be)
B: from waist to where you want the skirt to hit (add 4 cm seam allowance at the waist and 10 cm at the bottom seam, so 14 in total)

  1. Cut a rectangle A x B from your fabric

  2. Hem your fabric rectangle in a zig zag stitch (you can skip that step if you have pinking shears)

  3. Fold the fabric lengthwise, right sides together. Sew the back seam, press seam open. (Don’t forget to pink the edge if you didn’t seam the fabric!) You now have a fabric tube.

  1. Fold the top seam 2cm downwards (left sides together), press, repeat. Sew around the lower edge, starting 1 cm right from the back seam, ending 1 cm left from the back seam. (Sew back and forth a few times at beginning and end.)

  1. Fold the lower seam 5 cm inwards (left sides together), press, repeat. Sew all around the upper edge. (Sew back and forth a few times at the end.)

6a (optional). Sew a ribbon onto the seam you made in step 6.

  1. Iron everything to get a nice crisp finish.

  2. Measure a piece of elastic according to your waist. Thread onto a safety pin and thread through the opening you left at the waist. Sew the ends together in a zig zag stitch, going back and forth a few times. Close the opening, try to hit the seam you made in step 5.

Yay! Your skirt is ready!



Linda can be found on Twitter 

“I like to make things. Self-taught knitter and seamstress, enthusiastic but hopeless gardener, soon-to-be working mum of two wonderful daughters”.


Great books for beginner crafters, recommended by Nickelbooks 

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    That skirt looks lovely!im going to try and make one myself!!!!

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