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Easy Origami To Make Beautiful Decorations

If you fancy being creative today and you want to attempt to make some beautiful decorations to place around your bedroom, then try origami! Origami is the Japanese art of folding paper, however, it did not begin in Japan; this art actually began in the 1st or 2nd century in China. The name, Origami, is actually Japanese; ‘oru’ means ‘to fold’ and ‘kami’ means ‘paper’.
Origami can potentially be very difficult, but there are plenty of easier designs for beginners. The great thing about origami is that you can make practically anything, so you will be able to find a design that you love.
If you have never tried origami before, then you should start with a few of the following simple, yet effective, designs that will really brighten up your room.


A Dog’s Face

If you are a dog lover and you want to make something simple, then this is the perfect origami design for you.


Start with a square piece of paper – (you can buy origami paper from places like eBay).


Fold your square piece of paper in half, you should now have a triangle shape.


Once you have a triangle, fold it in half again just to make a crease. Do not leave it folded.

Fold down the top corners to create the ears for the dog.

Fold the bottom corner of your paper up.


Now draw the face on the dog and any other touches you want.


  A Heart
You can make loads of great little hearts for a number of occasions, including Valentine’s Day. In fact, you don’t even need an occasion to decorate your bedroom with little hearts.

Begin with your square piece of paper.


Fold your paper diagonally and then open back up.  Do this in both directions (follow the dotted lines on the picture).


Fold the top corner down to the centre of the piece of paper.

Fold the bottom corner up to the top of the paper.


Fold the right side of your paper to meet the middle crease.


Do the same with the left side.


Turn your paper over and fold the two side corners in.


Now fold the top corners down.


Turn your paper over again and you have a heart!



A Ladybird

This is just a simple design that looks great. It would look good just sitting on your desk or even hanging from your ceilings. These little origami shapes can be placed anywhere.

Start with your square piece of paper, as always.


Fold your paper diagonally and then open back up.  Do this in both directions (follow the dotted lines on the picture).


Fold the top corner down to just below your centre line.


Now fold the same tip up to just above the centre line.


Fold that part up once more.


Fold both side corners backwards so they are visible if you turn your paper over.


Now fold all of the remaining corners backwards.

You can now decorate your ladybird!


Origami, unlike other crafts that use cardboard and other heavy duty materials, is the art of delicately folding paper. If you have mastered the three designs above, then try something even more challenging. For more designs and challenges, take a look at Origami Club.


About the Author: Katie Belliveau loves Origami and she likes to challenge herself with some of the more difficult designs. She has spent a lot of her free time recently making a variety of origami patterns.


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