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Cool Bedroom Ideas for Kids

We’ve scoured the internet to find some fab rooms – not boys’ rooms and girls’ rooms, just really cool bedrooms ideas for kids.
Maybe you’ve grown out of your princess bedroom, or have gotten tired of your pirate room. Perhaps you didn’t have a real theme to begin with. We’ve gone for bedrooms that can be done without spending a ton of money – focusing quick fixes of a lick of paint and some new bed covers.


Stripes Galore! 

We love this stripy bedroom – you can learn how they did the stripes here 


bedrooms for kids

Room Makeover by Melissa Mondragon


Climb aboard!  

You might not want to go the whole hog with this bedroom, but we love the climbing holds. Great tips on building a safe and fun climbing wall for kids here.





Tidy UP!

This is a really clever way of tidying UP toys



Origin unknown (via Pinterest)


There is Only One Word for This


The sizing of these bed covers differ depending on the country. The closest to UK sizes is the one on the German tab 135x200cm. If this one is a bit too expensive, then check out the Science Museum’s astronaut bed cover.


Photo by Snurk



Add Some Sparkle 

A disco ball placed on the floor on on a table where the sunlight can catch it will fill your room with dancing motes of light.


Pic by Cup of Jo

Pic by Cup of Jo



Picture This!

This is a really inexpensive way to have large and personal pictures in your room – take a photo of your favourite toy, and have it printed onto a big canvas. Find out how on this blog.


Pic by I Am Momma

Pic by I Am Momma


See the World

We love the idea of a huge map mural on the wall, and this one is just a little bit different – a word cloud map. Available here in various sizes.



Curl Up With a Book 

A book nook to crawl into and forget about the world outside.



Via Pinterest. Origin unknown


Just For Fun 

Here is a gallery of the weirdest and wackiest bedrooms for kids that we found while researching this article. Please don’t ask your parents for a room like this, or they will never forgive the Jump! Mag team!




Gallery Images

Giant TV 

Birds’ Nest

 Boat by Kuhn Design and Build

Tube Wallpaper


Featured Image 

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