Toca Robot Lab Relaunch – Game Review and Interview

toco robot lab


Like many of our readers, we are big fans of Toca Boca. Their digital games are not made for boys or for girls, but for anyone who wants to play. 

The company regularly updates the apps to bring them up to date, and recently took a closer look at the Toca Robot Lab. Although the app was incredibly popular, with over 750,000 downloads, they realised that there was something that didn’t quite fit with their philosophy of gender neutral and child-centred design.

Our #jumpjourno Cat spoke to Rebeccca and Mathilda from Toca Boca to find out more.



Toca Robot Lab is FREE for a limited period  

Toca Robot Lab lets you build your very own robot with odd bits and bobs. Every time you play the game you can use different parts – choose the legs, body, head and arms and then let your robot fly around. 

Once you’ve built your robot, you can fly it around, collect the stars scattered around the testing area, and then get your Toca Robot Lab Report. There are no rules, no in-app purchases… you play the way YOU want to! 

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