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Yummy Scrummy Autumn Recipes

Dig out your scarves and gloves – it looks like autumn is on its way! As it gets colder and darker outside, it’s a great time to practise your baking skills. Here at Jump, we can always make room for a dessert, and these ones are especially mouthwatering. Read on to find out about the five yummiest scrummiest recipes we have found online… and remember to ask an adult for help!


You can find this recipe on Taste of Home.

You can find this recipe on Taste of Home.


Sick of boring old normal trifle? No, we aren’t either… Still, this is an great twist on a classic recipe, and it’s vegetarian. The pumpkin and gingerbread make it a perfect dessert for this time of year – when you’ve scoffed this, you can get on with carving a pumpkin face!