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Geeky Accessories for Girls and Boys

Here at Jump!Mag we can get pretty geeky – and we’re proud of it too! We love wearing things that show people what our interests are, whether that’s books, superheroes or Doctor Who. Read on to find out about our ten favourite accessories to help you express your inner (or outer!) geek.




We all hate Professor Umbridge and how she treated Harry. Now you can freak out your mum and your friends with this temporary tattoo from Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix (#1).  And for those of you who like wearing clothes inspired by your fave books, try this lovely Very Hungry Caterpillar rucksack from Asda (#3), or scare away snakes, foxes and owls with these Gruffalo slippers (#2) – complete with purple spikes and the wart on the end of his nose!




If you’re a comic book lover, you’re spoilt for choice! We love this Batman umbrella from M&S (#4) and this Spiderman water bottle rocks (#7). (Ignore the ‘for boys’ and ‘for girls’, and just get what YOU like.) Sport your favourite superhero on your iPhone with a comic book phone cover like this one from Louby Kapow (#5) – made from real comics! – or go for Thor-inspired shoes with these ace lightning shoelace attachments from Tesco (#6).


Food and Recipes

Yummy Scrummy Autumn Recipes

Dig out your scarves and gloves – it looks like autumn is on its way! As it gets colder and darker outside, it’s a great time to practise your baking skills. Here at Jump, we can always make room for a dessert, and these ones are especially mouthwatering. Read on to find out about the five yummiest scrummiest recipes we have found online… and remember to ask an adult for help!


You can find this recipe on Taste of Home.

You can find this recipe on Taste of Home.


Sick of boring old normal trifle? No, we aren’t either… Still, this is an great twist on a classic recipe, and it’s vegetarian. The pumpkin and gingerbread make it a perfect dessert for this time of year – when you’ve scoffed this, you can get on with carving a pumpkin face!




News & Politics, Popular

How to Jump into Politics

Are you interested in politics? Are you not sure?
Recently, we posted an interview with MP Hilary Alexander. where she talked about how she was inspired to get involved in politics and do positive things for people. She also said that if we don’t like the way things are, we have the power to change them. Sometimes, though, as a younger person, it can be a little bit hard to know where to start – especially if you’re under 16 and can’t vote yet. Here are a few things to think about if you want to ‘be the change you want to see’!



Language & Literature

Comic Book Characters and Diversity

We’re very pleased here at Jump. In the last few months, several of our favourite comic book characters have been changed and redesigned. This isn’t just about new costumes.
It shows that the designers and writers want to make these stories more diverse. After all, not every person in the world is white and male…so it seems silly that superheroes should be!
Read on to find out about the transformations of Batgirl, Thor and others.


Art & History

Amazing Outdoor Art

A few weeks ago on Twitter we shared a picture of an electrical tower that German students had turned into a stunning 3D stained glass window. This got us thinking about other amazing outdoor art a little bit closer to home. Read on for some inspiring examples that you can go and see for yourself…