Send a Story Around the World – STORY A – Part Two – Ascot International School, Thailand



This is the third part of STORY A of our #sendastory project. You can read the entire story so far on this page. This chapter was written by the pupils of Ascot International School in Bangkok, Thailand.


Ascot International School

Ascot International School is situated in the suburbs of Bangkok. It is a British style school offering the British curriculum to children aged between 2 and 18. Our motto is respect, communicate and collaborate. So we are delighted to be part of this amazing project.





Suddenly I woke up on the cold, bloody floor. I tilted my head to the left and right but it occurred to me that the hut was gone; instead I seemed to be lying on a forest ground. It was wet and muddy with patches of red splattered blood.

I stood up, slowly adjusting to the environment around me, seeing only the wilderness, the temperature was below zero, the frozen breeze upon my aching back. I felt a chill in my spine. There was nothing to see except trees. I looked around to get my bearings and I began walking into darkness.

I felt peculiar, like someone was following me. I turned around and noticed something moving. It was a man, a rusty, old man. His face made me think of my dead grandfather but I didn’t feel very safe. I attempted to run but to where?

I stumbled and fell, a shocking pain splintered throughout my bones. It was black Pitch black. My heart sank to my legs, I felt physically exhausted. My mind running through the events. I sat in the forest , endless trees stretched out before me. 



If you enjoyed the chapter from the pupils of Ascot International School, please pass it on to your friends. Check out our #sendastory Pinterest board and our Instagram account for pictures and info about the country featured this week on #sendastory


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