Lucy Evans, InstaExplorer, Carnival In Greece


Lucy went to Germany to experience the Carnival, and has returned home to Greece, where she is living with her

Carnivals Around the World

Carnival Around the World

You might have heard of the carnival in Rio, but did you know that there are carnivals around the world

What is Spaghetti Ice?


In Millie Slavidou’s new book Carnival in Germany, our heroine Lucy Evans visits an ice cream parlour, and asks ‘What

New Books – 12 Awesome Women Explorers & Lucy Evans, InstaExplorer


Hurrah! Two more Jump! Mag Books were published today!   Lucy Evans, InstaExplorer – Carnival In Germany If you enjoyed

How to Clean Water


With poor living conditions and water shortages increasing every year across the world, the question of how to clean water efficiently is

5 Things Parents Wish Their Kids Would Do …

… and 5 Things Kids Wish Their Parents Would Do! Hello there! I’m Cat and I’m 12 years old, almost

Can You Catch a Cold from Cold Weather?

family in snow

For years people have told their children to wrap up warm or they will fall ill, but is it really

8 Supermarket Tricks to Make Your Parents Spend More


You might have noticed that many supermarkets have a similar layout. This is no coincidence. Researchers have spent many years working out

Is The Great Wall of China Visible from Space?


The idea that the Great Wall of China can be seen from space has been around since at least 1938

12 Steps to Becoming a Self-Confident Kid


Do you ever wish you were more confident? Do you watch other kids standing in front of the class, and presenting

What is Falcon 9?


There has been a lot of excitement about Falcon 9, but what it it, and why is it so exciting?

Do Carrots Help You See In The Dark?


In the first of a fab new series called #factORfable, we take a look at some stubborn myths and find

The Indian Princess Suffragette – Sophia Duleep Singh

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  You’ve probably heard of the Suffragettes, who fought for women’s rights, but did you know that an Indian princess