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Charity Work Experience

A few years ago, our contributor, Laura Montagne was an unemployed English Literature graduate looking for a break into administration or clerical work.
Finding a job was quite difficult, as she was not very confident and didn’t have much practical experience in an office environment.
She was given the opportunity to do work experience for the charity Age Concern, in their office in Christchurch, Dorset.
The job was voluntary; Laura did not get paid but it was a very valuable experience.



The British Skeleton Team – Sliding to Victory

skeleton olympic

How would you like to slide down a very steep and winding track of ice on something very similar to a tea tray at around 140km per hour? Yes, no, maybe. Well, there are people out there who can and do want to. And what’s more, they’re really rather good at it.
 Alongside Bobsleigh and Luge, the Skeleton is one of three sliding sports that take place on artificially refrigerated ice tracks. It’s a really white knuckle experience as each skeleton athlete pushes their sled one handed away from the start before lying down with their face first as they travel the track, using their shoulders, knees and toes for steering.


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How to be a Good Communicator

“Der Ton macht die Musik”
This German proverb, if directly translated means, “The tone makes the music”. The real meaning is “It’s not what you say, but how you say it”.
Have you ever said something that was misunderstood by the person you were talking to? Do you know anyone who sometimes says things in a way that seems rude and abrupt? It is not always the words used, but the way in which they are used.
Good communication is very important. Carolyn Ward explains what it is and how to be a better communicator.


Art & History

Living in History

Now you know what reenactment is, from Alison’s excellent article, you may want to know a bit more about how it all works. How much work is involved in sewing the clothes, what do they eat, how do they get around? Alison’s mother Jax has written a great article about all this and more

It wasn’t an easy life, living in Tudor times. You can find that out by reading about it in a variety of places.

But I found it out by living it at Kentwell Hall.

We do reenactment. We being our entire family, from my son who was a Tudor baby aged 4 months last summer, through to my partner Tim.