Listening To Girls

When 12 year old Victoria Grant talked about the Canadian banking system at the Public Banking Institute Conference in Philidelphia, she had no idea what would follow. The video of her speech went viral, and suddenly she was on TV talking about her views.



It reminded me of girls like Libdemchild who don’t let their young age stop them from having an opinion, and from expressing it.

It also brought home to me that we think of these girls are “extraordinary”, when actually many young people have opinions, but are just not listened to. You only have to browse through our #writtenforyou section to find that out.

Why do we devalue the opinions of youth, because they are young?

“Children should be seen and not heard”, may not be part of current parenting philosophies but are we truly listening to our children?


These videos and blogs show how important the internet is to young people today. It gives them a voice, and here at Jump! Mag we want to give them the chance to raise that voice. We are the amplifier.


If you, or someone you know, would like to write for Jump! Mag please get in touch. We want to hear your voice.



Featured Image by NordicLondon

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